Lotus Blossom To Offer Affordable Access To Infertility Treatment

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Infertility Treatment

Lotus Blossom Consulting announced it will offer its clients access to the HEART (Helping Expand Access to Reproductive Therapy) program of infertility treatment.

The program offers qualified infertility patients up to 25 percent of the medication used in an average treatment cycle free of charge, a cost-savings worth $250.


"Infertility treatment can be costly and many insurance companies do not provide full coverage," said Olivier Delannoy, vice president, Infertility Business Unit, Ferring Pharmaceuticals. "We are delighted to partner with Lotus Blossom Consulting to offer patients our cost-saving program which gives them greater access to the medication they need. Through the HEART program, we can help patients reduce the financial strain incurred on the path to parenthood."

"With Ferring's generous contribution, we can further help couples who are undergoing infertility treatment achieve their dream of becoming parents by helping alleviate some of the financial pressure associated with the treatment process," said Mindy Berkson, founder and managing director of Lotus Blossom Consulting. "Our goal is to provide professional assistance and support to couples who are facing the challenges associated with infertility."

The HEART program provides patients with up-front cost savings so they can have affordable access to their medication.* Once the patient receives the HEART sticker through her physician or Lotus Blossom Consulting, she places it on a BRAVELLE(R) (urofollitropin for injection, purified) prescription of 20 vials or more and then takes it to a participating pharmacy which will dispense five free vials of BRAVELLE (a 25 percent savings worth $250). With the use of the HEART Program, BRAVELLE is the least expensive gonadotropin available.

BRAVELLE is a highly purified, human-derived follicle-stimulating hormone (hFSH) for the treatment of infertility. BRAVELLE, in conjunction with hCG, is indicated for ovulation induction following pituitary suppression. BRAVELLE, like all gonadotropins, is a potent substance capable of causing mild to severe adverse reactions, including OHSS (incidence of 6.0%), with or without pulmonary or vascular complications, in women undergoing therapy for infertility. Like other products for ovarian stimulation, treatment with BRAVELLE may result in multiple gestations.