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Your Weight Loss Guide for 2016

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Lose weight with proven guide advice

Are you looking to lose weight in 2016? Here is an info-packed weight loss guide for 2016 with links to articles, many of which have user comments that some dieters have found useful toward how to lose weight and keep it off for good.


Aside from stopping smoking using one of any number of smoking cessation aids, losing even a little weight is one of the most beneficial changes you can make in 2016 for a healthier you. And it is possible! Forget about all those celebrity stories of how this or that pop star lost weight; your focus should be on you. If there is one truism to take away when it comes to weight loss it is that not everything works for everyone—but some things do. And therefore, the trick to weight loss, if any, is discovering what really works with your body.

The following is a link-filled guide that provides easy access to a number of methods people have used that have worked for them that will help you find that one weight loss method that does the trick. So, rather than becoming discouraged when any one method does not work for you, chalk it off to experience gained and realize that you are now one step closer to finding the weight loss measure your body will respond to toward losing weight.
Diet Supplements for Weight Loss―Let’s be realistic and a smart consumer here, there’s no magic pill for weight loss. However―and this is a big ‘HOWEVER’―that doesn’t mean taking supplements such as dieting pills, appetite suppressants, and prescription meds for weight loss don’t work. It’s true that that many dieting articles show that at best the most effective weight loss pills really only result in a few pounds lost for the average person. But even a loss of a few pounds is an achievement towards a healthier body.

Furthermore, let’s not discount the importance of the placebo effect. Sometimes believing that something works is all a person needs to achieve weight loss.

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Counting Calories for Weight loss―It makes sense that when calories burned outnumber calories consumed that the body has to lose weight. However, the body has its own tricks to try to keep the pounds on when you are dieting and can make calorie counting a frustrating and disappointing weight loss experience. The good news is that calorie counting is a sound weight loss practice when used in conjunction with other weight loss methods rather than by itself.

Here are some recommended reads on how to make calorie counting work for you:

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In addition, here is a wearable weight loss device called the GoBe Fitness band that counts your calories for you:

Eating Habits for Weight Loss―A new study reviewing the results of a large number of individual studies from a variety of publications determined there’s more to obesity than just a lack of self-control. In fact, it turns out that the data showed that people consume more food or non-alcoholic drinks when offered larger sized portions or when they use larger items of tableware. What a lot of this comes down to is the practice of mindful eating rather than mindless eating.

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Here’s a video of six eating habits and some links that emphasize mindful eating that can make a difference toward your weight loss success:

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Exercise for Weight Loss―One of the most practical bits of dieting advice that has come out lately is that incorporating weight training into your exercise routine can do much more toward weight loss than any other type of exercise. Weight training not only strengthens the body, but also raises your normal metabolic level and burns additional calories while at rest.

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Gadgets for Weight Loss―Not all weight loss gadgets are gimmicks. One of the most effective devices that successful dieters claim made a difference for them is the use of activity trackers—those wrist-bound devices that track how many steps you take per day with software that displays your calories burned and progress made on your computer.

Here are a few that many dieters found worthwhile:

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For more weight loss tips and advice for 2016, be sure to check Emaxhealth.com regularly for the latest news about how to lose weight.