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Is Your Home in One of America’s 10 Most Stressed Out Cities?

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Stressed out cities in America

Analysis of a scientifically-based health risk assessment tool referred to as the “RealAge Test” by the online health and wellness engagement platform―Sharecare―created by Dr. Mehmet Oz and WebMD founder Jeff Arnold, has recently identified America’s top 10 most stressed out cities.

While typical top 10 lists of anything tend to bring the trivial to the public to be consumed with a grain of salt, this list should give pause about considering where you live and how it is affecting your health. In fact, according to analysis via the RealAge Test, you could be significantly older in some cities than in others.

In this analysis, stress and where you live was the focus due to that stress can be the underlying cause of multiple serious health conditions that includes high blood pressure, a weakened immune system, an increased risk of heart attack, stroke…and even cancer.

“It’s relatively common knowledge that high stress can increase your risk of a heart attack, but what many don’t realize is that stress also is associated with a higher risk of cancer and, frankly, death from all causes,” says Keith Roach, MD, chief medical officer for Sharecare and co-founder of the RealAge Test. “Bottom line, stress has a negative impact on all components of aging―from your blood pressure to decisions you’ll make about nutrition and exercise.”

Data for the analysis was gathered from RealAge Test takers who rated how much stress they have at home and work, how much financial stress they have and how many stressful life events they’ve experienced in the past year.

The city results are as follows ranked below:

#10. Charlotte, NC

#9. Jacksonville, FL

#8. Tampa, FL

#7. Oklahoma City, OK

#6. Memphis, TN

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#5. Rochester, NY

#4. Providence, RI

#3. Knoxville, TN

#2. Louisville, KY

#1. Greenville, SC

For more details about which stressors led to each city’s ranking, visit the ”America’s Top 10 Most Stressed-Out Cities” slideshow on the Sharecare website.

So does this mean it may be time for you to get the hell out of Dodge and look for someplace a little more relaxing and less taxing on the body and the soul? That may not be necessary, say experts who point out that by making even small changes, big improvements can occur in your health.

Sharecare health expert Dr. Roach advises readers that to lower your stress levels and ultimately live a longer, healthier life, that everyone—even those in less stressful cities―should begin and stick with an exercise routine, eat a healthy diet, stay in touch with friends and family for emotional support, practice meditation and/or mindful breathing, and try out yoga or tai chi.

In fact, why not make it a point to find out your body’s true age right now by joining Sharecare― membership is free―and take the RealAge Test. Then, after a few months, take the test again and see how much your life has improved—regardless of where you live.

To learn more about Sharecare and how it can help you find all the right answers for your health problems, go online to the Sharecare website and discover a community of like-minded followers looking for good health.

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Reference: Sharecare.com



I'm surprised about Greenville, SC and Charlotte NC a little bit. I am willing to bet traffic has a lot to do with that - work commute for one. Each of those cities has so much to offer - green space, exercise facilities and more. Plenty of Yoga studios in Charlotte, Meetup groups. Interesting. Perhaps it is not the cities but how we choose to live?