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Would You Commit to the Nirvana Challenge to Lose Weight? This Man Did and Saved His Life

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Nirvana challenge to weight loss

One of the biggest problems of weight gain is reaching a point beyond the typical clinical definition of “morbidly obese” and losing all hope that you could ever turn your life around. Well, one man did reach that point, and is likely still alive today only because he committed to what he calls the “Nirvana Challenge” and wants to share his story of hope for others wanting desperately to lose weight.


Nine months ago, Stephen Lewis went to the doctor and could not get an accurate measure of his weight because he was too heavy. Only after using a scale designed to weigh cattle carcasses could both he and his doctor discover that Stephen weighed 432 pounds.

Realizing that he was likely to lose his life prematurely due to his beyond-morbidly obese condition―Stephen through the help of a close friend―made a life-saving decision to commit to a vegan lifestyle for just 3 months and found the hope he had lost.

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The following is Stephen’s story that he wants to share with others and let them know that there is hope for those who want to lose weight even when any chance of hope seems to be gone forever.

Stephen's Story of Weight Loss Success

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Reference: CBC News “Stephen Lewis wants his weight loss story to go viral



Poor guy... I gained a ton with my 2nd pregnancy, lost 141 lbs, know what he felt like. I dont even show many ppl my before/afters cause theyre embarassing, but if anyone needs help im willing to share + tips - mytamanuoil (at) gmaiI (dot) com