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Wormwood Tea and Parasite Infection: Risks You Need to Know

Wormwood Tea

A recently televised health show promoted the use of drinking wormwood tea as a way to prevent and treat parasite infection from parasitic species such as roundworms, which are believed to contribute to chronic fatigue syndrome. However, what the show failed to warn viewers of is that wormwood tea is not without side effects that can range from mild irritation and inability to sleep to severe organ damage and possible death.

Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) is a shrub native to Europe and Africa, but can be found in North America. Historically, its upper shoots, leaves and flowers are used in traditional herbal medicines, but the plant is known more infamously for the role it played in the history of the mind-altering drink absinthe.

Recorded use of wormwood extract dates back to Biblical times and is known to have been used in the treatment of tapeworms and other gastrointestinal parasites during the Middle Ages. In the 19th century, it was discovered that a distillate of wormwood along with alcohol and some herbs would result in an alcoholic beverage known for its tart taste, a tantalizing blue-green color and mind-altering properties that made it widely popular in Europe among artists and writers such as van Gogh and Oscar Wilde.

The mind-altering property of absinthe is attributed to a natural organic oil-like compound called “thujone” that is found in high concentrations in the wormwood plant. Some studies have indicated that thujone acts on the central nervous system and if consumed in large enough quantities can result in muscle tremors and spasms. Fears that absinthe made from the wormwood plant was addicitive and extremely harmful to health by inducing psychosis and suicide, led to its ban in the early 20th century in Europe and the U.S.

As a herbal remedy, wormwood is claimed to be effective in treating loss of appetite, digestive disorders, liver and gallbladder complaints, irregular menstruation as well as the purging of intestinal worms. As a poultice, it has been used to treat poorly healing wounds, ulcers, skin blotches, and insect bites. However, its uses as an herbal remedy are without scientific backing and it is not recommended by the medical community as a cure or treatment for any medical conditions.

However, for those who are into trying out herbal remedies, a “thujone-free” wormwood extract is legally available as a dietary supplement in capsule or liquid form that can be added to water to make a tincture for use in foods and as a flavoring in some alchoholic drinks. Some sources provide the entire herb that can be brewed as a tea.

The health risk of using wormwood is that it it is not always clear how much thujone exposure a person may be getting. Even “thujone-free” woodworm products contain some level of thujone in them, but just how much is not strictly quantified or regulated. Furthermore, brewing directly from the wormwood plant increases the risk of dangerous levels of thujone exposure. Currently, there are a lot of conflicting opinions regarding just how much thujone exposure is dangerous to the human body.

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However, animal studies have shown that high enough levels of thujone from the wormwood plant resulted in convulsons and death in mice. Other studies analyzing essential oils of the wormwood plant have demonstrated side effects such as sleeplessness and anxiety in humans.

In one medical case reported in The New England Journal of Medicine, an individual ordered some essential oil of wormwood from an online source and drank just ten milliters of it believing that it was in the form of a pre-made absinthe beverage. Hours later he went into convulsions and wound up suffering multiple organ damage including liver failure.

Wormwood is contraindicated for individuals who are breastfeeding and/or pregnant, taking anti-convulsant effects of medicines such as phenobarbital, and individuals who may be allergic to ragweed and other similar types of plants.

The take-home message is that depending on the source of a dietary supplement of wormwood and how it is prepared, your wormwood supplement may not be safe for internal use as a tea for preventing or treating roundworm parasites. Before considering taking any supplement, talk to your doctor about the supplement for safe and appropriate guidance.

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Good point. Dr. Gary Null wrote an article in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, titled "Death by Medicine", and later a book of the same name, wherein he discusses this subject. Hundreds of thousands of deaths annually can be blamed on properly prescribed medications (not errors, or patient abuse of painkillers etc.).
Yes! It's going well! I am definitely taking cloves daily with the wormwood and black walnut. Doing dr Clarks parasite cleanse as can be found on Amazon. I'm sure there are many good ones. I'm a week in on mine. Good luck all!
HI VALENTINA you got me talking,80% of antibiotics is given to farmed animals,most of it to poultry and farmed fish.Antibiotic is fungal product,and fungus is Cancer, and all these fancy diagnostic names diseases are summed up in one word CANDIDA.There is no cure for candida only controlling it with non Candidal foods and environment.Pigs are given dangerous chemical to produce less fat,water and rock melon are grown with dangerous chemical to make them grow fast and big,which is potent Neurotoxin.Growing fruits with Alar which makes green fruit appearing ripe. Fluoride in drinking water most dangerous industrial by product,lowers IQ Neurotoxin and bone damage.And Chemtrails, foods with Carrageenan list goes on for ever.I use Wormwood all my life ,trick is if you use it in hot water do not use more then 2 weeks once a day ,one or two sprigs in hot tea.I use it daily or so one sprig or two Wormwood sprig or two Rue in Chardonay Wife uses cold water,prior to immersion rub them well,leave for hour or so then sip it in small amounts over long period,no more then 100ml of liquid.Vine or cold water does not infuse too much of its potency and is safe.Rue helps brain lobes to intercommunicate better.Most people do usual mistake,when they use a bit and next day they feel lighter whole body feels better joins are free,then they overdose.symptoms of overdose are Headache diarrhoea and loss of balance,so practically is impossible to carry on overdosing.More then century ago Printers who were working with led letters used to drink it daily with milk as Wormwood is well known to purge metal toxins from our body.Without man made pollution our planet is full of metals and other toxic substances floating in the air from Volcanic eruptions.Candida is fungal infection,fungus attacks every cell in our body,especially involuntary nerves,then muscles go into spasm,out of shape pressing on nerves,that's how you get bad back.You lift your arm you pull your muscle they say you actually breaking them,you yawn fully open mouth you get terrible jaw pain,you get muscle cramps in the early morning in bed,all this thanks to Candida,coz fungus blocks involuntary nerves.Black fungus is deadly if in concentrated floating in the air.Black fungus on Cauliflower Cabbage and other vegetables they all cause dull back pain.Finally it comes all down do you digest which is pain free in the gut or do you ferment which is very painful discomforting bloating irregular stools feel like drunk bad memory irritability twitches,loss of libido and so on.Most important is get your old mercury teeth feeling out,as they cause severe depression even wish to die,as they leaching mercury slowly.I'm as old as Methuselah and not on any medication,just taking pure borax twice a day and eat fresh Gotu Kola and Beach Pennyworth daily and glass or two or three of Merlot .All this I'm taking according to medical science is Poison.
Everything in excess is bad. Even if it's something that is healthy. It's safe to say that no one is going to eat/use an entire crop of wormwood. However, let's all keep in mind that the side effects listed in this article which are 3 (anxiety or lack of sleep, severe organ damage, and/or death) are few when compared to pharmaceuticals (and they would include those). And the natural herbs/plants have been used for thousands of years in comparison to 40? So, they have been used for thousands of years, have the least amount of side effects and are inexpensive. I'm going with natural herbs/plants!
So wormwood tea can apparently cause mild irritation and inability to sleep to severe organ damage and possible death. Guess what. Parasites can also cause mild irritation and inability to sleep to severe organ damage and possible death, amongst a host of issues. Having been plagued by the darn things slithering around my body, neck, face and scalp for the last 8 years with no help or interest from the Medical Profession as my only two useless stool tests were apparently negative, possible (and highly unlikely) 'side-effects' from taking Wormwood is the least of my worries....... Parasites are a huge problem which is dismissed as unimportant. Up to 70-odd years ago most people did regular parasite cleanses - as they knew not doing so was the fastest route to the Lunatic Asylum, but then they were lulled into a false sense of security by 'The Establishment' and that protection was forgotten. Did the Human Race suddenly become immune to parasites? Of course not. The issue just got swept under the carpet in the race to treat 'symptoms'. Medicine spends billions 'treating symptoms' and completely ignores the causes. I was offered sleeping tablets for my insomnia (caused by the incessant worm activity) and anti-depressants for my depression (caused by the incessant worm activity), but absolutely nothing to treat the incessant worm activity! If they paid half as much attention to the parasite issue in Western culture as they do to 'symptoms' they could halve the medical burden overnight and people would be a darn sight healthier. It is not just a Third World issue. It's just that the Third World is far more aware of the issue than we are......
Ali I share your frustration. I believe that parasitic infections are grossly underestimated by the medical establishment. Parasites cause chronic inflammation, and experts now agree that chronic inflammation underlies most if not all of our chronic diseases (anyone can look this up)! With unprecedented travel in & out of our country, and produce and seafood coming from far-flung places, how could parasitic infections not be on the rise! If everyone with a chronic disease, from fibromyalgia to CFS to cancer, were properly tested and treated for parasitic infection, think of how many fewer drugs would be prescribed for pain, inflammation, depression, neuropathy, digestive issues, you name it.
this article is lame.....wormwood is harmless...i took it dailly for over 2 years in large doses...it does help but does necessarily get rid of parasites....bur does help by minimizing them....the absolute best anti-parasite medicine is 1/4 tspn salt and vitc several times a day.....you will see big ones coming out on that....they hate salt and it kills them dead....
you want to talk about organ damage...let parasites have free reign in your body for a few years.....that will damage your organs.....wormwood.....not....let these lame big PHx writers go back to big Pharma fantasy land....
Thanks! Check out Dr Jennifer Daniels, who explains 100% pure gum turpentine (pine essence) was used for millenia to kill parasites, a tsp or less on a sugar once or twice a year.
Thank you so much for your comments that confirm what I have been thinking all along. Big Pharma trolls are everywhere, and the medical profession is geared to pushing drugs and not much else.
I need to clarify about David's advise use 1/4 teaspoon salt and vitc. What does mean vitc? and amount of water to dissolve and when better drink ,before or after food. I'm going to use this remedy. All tests are negative , even blood test didn't show any trays, but a lot of symptoms "speak lauder", I still have it.On winter already taken detox complex includes : black walnut hull, cloves powder, wormwood powder in capsul for 10 days , after month I repeated .It's looks like doesn't work (felt better only for 2 weeks after use this complex)/. Now I try to drink wormwood tea (chopped) , cost for 50g near 2 pound. Now I want to pick up by myself , dry it, again I don't know , if,it's write wormwood which growing in my village and near seaside in England. How many glasses per day it's recommended and dosage .Generally ,I agree with a lot of people, that use common sense when taking any medicine. Please , answer me and give me advise.
Hi! i've read in the wormwood artemisia absinthium package that it is not recommended for pregnant or breast feeding women..How so?
I am still not get answer (sent 10 August 2016) about David wrote ( 9 July 2016) best remedy to eliminate parasites and their eggs.- 1/4 tspn salt and vitc. What does mean vitc ? Amount of water to dissolve and when to take, before or after food? Please answer me,
"vitc" must be an abreviation of vitamin C. I bet I'll be spammed for giving my email to make this comment. Almost as bad as parasites.