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Women Go From Fat to 6-Pack with This Flat Belly Crash Course Plan

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fat belly crash course for women

Has menopause given you a meno-pot? Do you want to go from fat to flat fast? Well here are the latest belly fat fighting secrets summarized below from Oxygen magazine that will help women go from fat to 6-pack with their recommended flat belly crash course for weight loss and muscle toning.


Fat to 6-Pack Weight Loss Program for Women Step #1: Eat Your Way Flat

Your body―like a machine―needs to be fed the right kind of fuel for great performance results. As such, here are the recommended measures to take to fuel your body for flat out results:

Eat 6 small meals a day

Avoid all processed cereals. Instead of cereal for breakfast, go for lightly-steamed leafy, green vegetables like spinach with 2 organic eggs―including the yolks. Yes, yolks are fat-filled, but according to author and fitness expert Tosca Reno you will need fat on this plan to fuel your metabolic system to budge your existing body fat out of the way. But don’t go overboard and have eggs with every meal—avocadoes, seeds and their oils, nuts, oily fish and plant oils are great, healthy choices that just one teaspoon of per day can increase your metabolism by 15 percent.

Lose the sugar. Giving up sugar is the biggest obstacle, but is also the greatest reward with tighter skin and tighter abs resulting.

Flax yourself flat. Just 3 tablespoons a day of ground flaxseed will not only help decrease bloating from constipation, but will also help you manage PMS, night sweats and menopausal symptoms.

Exchange your grains for greens. Processed grains in breads are responsible for giving many women their wheat belly. To avoid this fat trap, take greens as a substitute that will not only provide more nutrients and added fiber, but will also fight fat-causing inflammation.

Have a sandwich trifecta. Just because you are removing processed grains from your diet does not mean that bread is not allowed. In fact, bread in the form of complex carbs―like a gluten-free Paleo bread―is one of three must-haves along with protein and fat that you should have with every meal to build your 6-pack.

Drink pH-neutral water. At least 3.5 liters per day recommends health expert Tosca Reno for preventing inflammation and bloat.

Fat to 6-Pack Weight Loss for Women Step #2: Burn it Up!

Now that your body is being properly fueled, it’s time to take it for a spin. Here are 3 simple rules to get your weight loss and 6-pack building, up and running:

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Sleep yourself flat. The benefit of a good night’s sleep is very important for achieving a flat belly. During sleep your body heals, detoxes and rejuvenates as well as releases human growth hormone naturally, which is a big player in sculpting a 6-pack ab.

Train your abs. Do a mix of 5 exercises 3 times per week of ab-building exercises (which can be found described in detail at oxygen.com) such as:

a) Weighted Reverse Cruch

b) Hanging Leg Raise or Captain’s Chair Leg Raise

c) Twisting V-Stand and Knee-In with a Medicine Ball

d) Plate Weight Crunches

e) Plank

f) Stability-Ball Leg Lift + V-Sit Crunch

Pump Up Your Heart. You have to do cardio at least 4 times per week at 30 minutes or more with your heart rate at 65 percent or better of its maximum capacity to ensure that your metabolism stays up, your fat is being maximally burned and your overall body becomes leaner.

For more details about how to go from fat to 6-pack, checkout the August 2014 issue of Oxygen magazine and visit health expert Tosca Reno’s website at toscareno.com.

In addition, here is some Dr. Oz advice and diet plan for making your belly go from fat to flat.

Image Source: Courtesy of PhotoBucket
Reference: Oxygen magazine, August 2014 issue