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What Is The Real Difference Between Tap Water and Bottled Water?

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Cost is the biggest difference between tap and bottled water

Water is one of the most highly promoted health kicks out there. And because of it, sales of bottled water may soon outsell sugary soft drinks. Here’s what NBC’s Today show had to say about what the real difference is between tap water and bottled water.


Water is big when it comes to dieting, and drinking more water before meals is one of two recently reported tricks for curbing hunger before mealtime. Water is also big business as some soda companies actually produce calorie free and flavored water along with their fattening sugar-charged beverages.

But do you really need to pay roughly three dollars a bottle for water for your health when on tap it is relatively free? That’s what a recent episode of NBC’s Today show asked as they performed a taste test to see if people could really tell the difference between bottled water and tap water.

NBC’s Today video: Bottled water vs. tap: Is expensive water worth the price?

But What About the Debate Over Which is Safer?

Okay, so the only real difference between tap water and bottled water is cost. But what about which is really safer? As it turns out there are no 100% guarantees that the next sip you take from either a bottle of water or from the tap is a safe sip. However, the good news is that water from both sources is regulated by the government ensuring that your choice of drinking water is highly likely to be safe regardless of whether you choose bottle or tap.

One interesting point, however, is the source of water that goes into bottled water. According to a Fox news report, there are actually two sources of water that go into bottled water and the source might make a difference regarding relative safety.

Fox News: The Truth About Bottled Water

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If you are convinced that tap water is the way to go, but still have a nagging worry about possible contamination, here is an informative article on how you can protect yourself from contaminated tap water; plus, 6 tips for making sure your drinking water is safe and healthy.

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