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Weightlifting or Cardio for Weight Loss?

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Weight training with cardio best for weight loss

Which is better for losing weight, focusing on weightlifting and building metabolism-burning muscle over the long run, or going full throttle with cardio that will burn those calories now? Here’s what one fitness trainer has to say about both methods.


According to a recent CBS affiliate station KFVS news story, when you do a cardio workout, you actually burn more calories per minute than you would with a strength training workout. However, when you lift weights…“You have a higher metabolism through the rest of the day,” says Fitness Trainer Tamatha Crowson who answers this fat-burning question with her take on whether its weightlifting or cardio workouts that are better for losing weight.

Here’s a video clip by CBS News

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One Key Point to Help You Decide

Ms. Crowson’s final advice was that the best way to lose weight is with combining both cardio and weight training to your weight loss efforts rather than focusing on one or the other. However, for many, the real reason for wanting to lose weight is to look good—and right now. Therefore, since some weight training can reshape your body as she pointed out, it may be more beneficial to focus on some muscle toning that could give you quicker results you can see sooner and the encouragement to continue on without obsessing over whether you are losing any pounds.

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