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Weight Loss Tips Shared From a Woman’s Magazine Editor Who Lost 54 Pounds in 5 Months

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Are you looking for real weight loss advice from someone who is not a model or celebrity? Someone who shares the same weight issues as you do? Here are some weight loss tips recently shared from one woman’s magazine editor who lost 54 pounds in 5 months.


Ms. Brande Victorian - deputy editor of the online lifestyle publication "MadameNoire" recently shared how she managed to lose an impressive 54 pounds in 5 months. Today, that weight loss now totals 63 pounds and she has recently decided to share what she did and how she did it in order to lose that much weight.

The following is a summary of her “key behaviors” that contributed to her weight loss success:

Weight Loss Behavior Tip #1: Counting Calories

According to Ms. Victorian, weight loss is math. Because one pound of fat is equal to approximately 3,500 calories, you have to reduce your intake or burn off about 3,500 calories (500 calories per day) in order to lose 1 pound a week. Her personal goal, however, pushed it further with an average weekly weight loss of 2.5 pounds per week resulting from her eating approximately 1,300 calories less than the number she burned off daily.

Her recommendation: use an online calorie counter that factors in your height, weight, age and activity level to help manage your calorie intake and burning.

Weight Loss Behavior Tip #2: Measuring Everything You Eat (and Drink)

Don’t rely on your or others’ guesstimations of how much is going into your meals. You need to know the caloric value of everything you take in to keep on track and become mindful of your eating. According to Ms. Victorian, “…before anything goes in a baking pan or my stomach, it hits a food scale or measuring cup.”

Weight Loss Behavior Tip #3: Logging Everything You Eat

Keeping a log of everything you eat helps prevent you from underestimating calories consumed and helps keep you accountable—especially when it comes to snacking. The other benefit Ms. Victorian claims is that keeping a log provides peace of mind when the scale shows no change, but is likely due to retained water or increased muscle mass rather than fat when you are sure about your caloric intake and burn numbers.

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Weight Loss Behavior Tip #4: Tracking Calories Burned

An important part of calorie tracking is knowing, “…how many calories you’ve expended, you know exactly how much you can eat to hit your deficit goal (again, weight loss is math).” Plus, tracking also serves as a motivational reminder when your Fitbit or other calorie-burning monitoring device lets you know that you are still a significant number of steps behind schedule for the day. Don’t rely on calorie calculators in weight exercise machines or your own quesstimating.

Weight Loss Behavior Tip #5: Giving Up Everything You Thought You Loved

It’s time to realize that many of the foods you love, don’t love you back. Ms. Victorian chalks up a good part of her weight loss success by giving up her favorite deep fried snacks and sodas for foods like protein bars and shakes that were more body-friendly.

Protein shakes and bars have been a big part of my diet over the past six months. I typically have two of either option per day, usually either as breakfast or a snack. I mix the shakes with unsweetened almond milk because it tastes better than water and has less calories than skim milk. And even though I’m totally over chicken at this point, I do routinely eat grilled chicken and also shrimp or turkey. For a dose of healthy fats, I almost always cook with either extra virgin olive oil or Pam cooking spray, and I love avocado. My carbs consist of corn tortillas, which I have to chill on sometimes; quinoa, which is considered a super food due to all of its benefits, and green vegetables like spinach that I can admit I don’t always get enough of,” writes Ms. Victorian.

Weight Loss Behavior Tip #6: Using #Fitspiration:

Instagram, she discovered is a great way to stay on your toes throughout your weight loss journey. Ms. Victorian followed at least 15-20 women who lost a significant amount of weight and maintained that loss to remind herself that she too, can accomplish significant and meaningful weight loss.

For more details about Ms. Victorian’s weight loss journey, visit the referenced article from MadameNoire.com under the department column “Working It Out.”

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