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Weight Loss Study Volunteers Needed

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Eating Less versus Eating Healthier Longevity Study

Are you looking for some help toward losing weight? Look no further as Washington University Medical School researchers are actively looking for weight loss study volunteers who can help advance scientific research and possibly lose a few pounds and/or live longer to boot.


A new weight loss study seeking volunteers is asking the question “Will you live longer by eating healthier or by eating less?” According to FOX News, Dr. Luigi Fontana at Washington University in St. Louis has found great weight loss results in study participants who did two days of a vegetable fasting diet per week and now wants to make a longevity comparison between those who just eat healthier and integrate fasting twice per week with those who eat a normal diet, but also integrate the same twice-per-week fast.

“We are feeding people a very healthy Mediterranean diet and so we are trying to understand if a change in the quality of a diet without weight loss has beneficial effects not only on cardiovascular but also cancer and other biomarkers of aging,” says Dr. Fontana about his two-phase study.

The first phase lasts 3 months and consists of a normal diet group and a Mediterranean diet group. The second phase will be longer and involve having both groups continue their diet with an added two days per week vegetable fasting diet that allows some oil and vinegar on the veggies.

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According to FOX News, at the beginning of the study, researchers will measure fats, sugar, inflammatory molecules in participants' blood, their cardio health, and the amount of body fat they carry. These measurements will be taken again after two months and again at the end of the study and will be used to determine how each person’s longevity may be affected.

The study is seeking non-smoking volunteers between the ages of 30 and 65 who are of either normal weight or overweight, but not obese.

“This study is really about longevity, it’s not about real weight loss. We are not looking for people who are severely obese and want to lose weight, it’s more about health and longevity,” says Dr. Fontana.

To volunteer for the study call (314) 362-2399 (314) 362-2399.

Reference: FOX News “Washington University needs volunteers for weight loss study”



I am interested to participate. Do you still need volunteers for the weight loss study?
I'm interested to participate do you still need volunteers for wight loss?
Please help! I don't know what to do. I am so fat. My husband complains that I am fat. I have no clothes that fit me anymore. I weigh 120kgs. I struggle to get into my tiny car. This is affecting me. I am crying every day. When I am sad I eat more. I can't help myself.