Weight Loss New Year Resolution Tips That Work

Weight loss

Will 2015 be THE year that you follow through on your weight loss resolution and make yourself a weight loss success story? It can be. So to help you get started on your New Year’s weight loss goal, here are some weight loss resolution tips that have worked for many dieters.


In a recent NBC News report, Dr. Holly Wyatt, associate director and medical director of the University of Colorado Anschutz Health and Wellness Center and co-author of "State of Slim," spoke with reporters on the 9NEWS weekend morning show about what it takes to make weight loss happen.

“New Year’s resolutions are about trying a new behavior and making it a new habit,” says Ms. Wyatt as she offers the following tips summarized below to help you stick with your weight loss resolutions this year.

Weight Loss Resolution Tip #1: Find your "real" reason for losing weight. Make sure that you’ve dug deep to identify your personal “why”―and then write it down. According to Ms. Wyatt, this process uncovers a strong internal motivation that will help you stick with new healthy weight loss behaviors for more than a few weeks.

Weight Loss Resolution Tip #2: Be honest, and on a scale of 1-10, rate just high on your life’s priority list losing weight really is. Doing so will reveal whether or not you are you truly ready to make a change. If your score is below an 8, then you are unlikely to do what needs to be done to successfully lose that weight.

Weight Loss Resolution Tip #3: Attack your weight loss with new friends, new places, new routines and new behaviors that will all help with weight loss success. And, most important of all―surround yourself with like-minded people who share your desire to lose weight.

Weight Loss Resolution Tip #4: Map out a plan rather than just say, “I’m going to lose weight.” A plan is filled with details, so be specific like aiming for 15 pounds or training for a 5K run.


Weight Loss Resolution Tip #5: Tell everyone about your goal. Doing so puts the pressure on you to stick with it and show others that you truly have what it takes.

Weight Loss Resolution Tip # 6: Have a backup plan for those days when it is nearly impossible to stick to your goal. Rather than beat yourself up for having too much carb for dinner, resolve yourself to take a pre-bedtime walk to reduce the dieting damage. The important thing is that you stay focused despite the occasional slip-ups.

Weight Loss Resolution Tip #7: Put in 100% effort—because that’s what it really takes to lose weight.

Weight Loss Resolution Tip #8: Break your goal into manageable chunks that will provide you with achievements (and rewards) that will fuel your willpower to stick with your weight loss goal.

Weight Loss Resolution Tip #9: Have a “default autopilot plan” to help you cope with that fading of initial resolution excitement that typically occurs after the first 4- 6 weeks. Having a default autopilot plan such as a scheduled walking date with a close friend can boost your willpower to carry on.

And while you are working on that weight loss, here are some recommended ways that you can use to help yourself begin to look younger too.

Image Source: Courtesy of NBC News

Reference: 9News NBC― ”9 Ways to Keep Your Weight Loss Resolution”