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Weight Loss Necklace Helps Dieters Monitor Their Food Intake

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Weight Loss Necklace Monitors Diet

Looking for a new weight loss gadget to go along with your Fitbit activity monitor? A CBS-affiliated news station reports about the invention of a weight loss necklace that helps dieters monitor their food intake trends.


Described as a wearable nutrition monitoring system, the WearSens is dubbed by its makers as a “food diary you wear around your neck.” The purpose of this device is to help dieters avoid overeating and stick to their diet plan by wearing a smart necklace that tracks when, how much and what food type you swallow while eating, with the added bonus of sending you an alert if you are eating too much, too quickly.

According to an article published in the engineering publication Sensors Journal, IEEE, the necklace consists of embedded piezoelectric sensors that can detect skin motion which produces an output voltage with varying frequencies over time in the lower trachea while swallowing food. A special algorithm then analyzes the signals and accurately distinguishes between different food types such as liquids and solids, hot and cold drinks, and hard or soft foods. The data is then transmitted to the user’s smartphone to provide feedback to the dieter and help them monitor their eating habits.

When the device was tested on 30 volunteers who were given a small portion of a Subway sandwich with a 12-ounce beverage to determine baseline measurements; the engineers who developed the weight loss necklace found that it was 90% accurate.

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According to the CBS-affiliate news report, while the concept behind the necklace may seem "a bit absurd and self-indulgent" as a weight loss tool, the engineers pointed out that the necklace could be used as a type of medical monitoring device to help monitor the elderly. Especially when it comes to taking multiple medications on a daily basis to make sure that a dose is not missed, too many pills are mistakenly taken, or ingested at the wrong time of the day.

For more about weight loss devices, here is an informative article about whether wearable lifestyle activity monitors are a good investment toward weight loss.


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