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This Weight Loss Method Might Be Outlawed Soon

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Critics ask FDA to ban Aspire Assist

Have dieting and exercise not worked for you for successful weight loss and now you are looking for other weight loss methods? Here’s one weight loss method some patients believe in that may be outlawed in the near future.


According to a news from Reuters, critics of the Aspire Assist weight loss method say that it should be outlawed due to that it could lead to developing a dangerous eating disorder in patients who use the device for weight loss.

Aspire Assist is described as a reverse feeding tube that is touted as being a simpler and cheaper alternative to bariatric surgery that is both less invasive and fully reversible.

How it works is that a tube is inserted into the stomach through the abdomen with an easily opened and closed port protruding from the body. Within 20 minutes after a meal, the user attaches a draining tube to the port, the port is then opened allowing the stomach contents of undigested food (up to 30% of your meal) to passively drain out and empty into a toilet.

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Since its inception in the U.S., many have voiced their criticism ranging from disgust as a draconian weight loss measure, to arguing that it is actually a medically sanctioned type of bulimic eating disorder. However, others who have tried Aspire Assist say that it does work for weight loss and that it teaches better eating habits rather than causing an eating disorder.

Aspire Assist’s Future

According to the news report, critics of this weight loss method from the Academy of Eating Disorders plan on submitting a formal letter next week to the FDA urging authorities to reverse its approval of the device. Be sure to check this website daily for the latest news updates on the future of Aspire Assist.

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