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Weight-Loss Bikini Photo Raises Eyebrows and Goes Viral

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Weight loss

When Brooke Birmingham lost 172 pounds and decided to submit her weight loss success story to Shape magazine with a bikini photo to show what happens to women’s bodies following weight loss, she not only raised a few hairy eyebrows, but saw her photo go viral as well.


According to an NBC news report, the controversy behind Brooke’s weight loss success story hinged on a reputedly initial rejection from Shape magazine of her photo because of what her belly looks like after losing 172 pounds.

After the initial photo rejection, Brooke Birmingham, the creator of “Brooke Not On A Diet” blog site told readers that she was furious following an e-mail conversation with a reporter from Shape who told Brooke that the editors wanted an image of her wearing a shirt. The implication was that they would rather not show readers her post-weight loss belly in their magazine. At that point Brooke declined to share her story based on the supposed “new policy” that mandated clothing less revealing than a bikini.

Brooke’s blog posts concerning the e-mail transactions and her responses can be read at her blog site “Brooke Not On A Diet.”

Following her blog posts and image of her post-weight loss belly, Brooke began to pick up a lot of traffic on her blog as sympathetic readers learned of her experience with Shape magazine and offered her heartfelt encouragement and praise not only for successfully losing so much weight, but for her bravery in publically embracing her new body.

The realities of extreme weight loss have made the news on a few occasions this past year where both men and women who have lost weight point out that while their bodies may not meet some unrealistic “body beautiful” standards, that they feel beautiful inside for their weight loss success.

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After the news broke about Brooke’s photo rejection to the point where it reportedly became one of the most-read stories on TODAY.com in 2014, the editors of Shape contacted Brooke and explained on NBC Today that the miscommunication about Shape magazine’s “new policy” was an error made by a freelancer, and that Shape magazine would be happy to publish her story with her bikini photo.

"It was a miscommunication with a freelancer who is not employed by Shape," stated Shape Editor-at-Large Bahar Takhtehchian. "Unfortunately she said there was an editorial policy that simply doesn't exist. So that's where things went awry a little bit."

The news as reported by NBC Today is provided below:

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Brooke’s story and bikini photo along with weight loss stories about other women will feature in future issues of Shape to show readers that there is "a journey after the weight loss journey."

Image Source: NBC News

Reference: NBC Today― “Woman who lost 170 lbs. gets magazine shoot”