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Weight Loss App Reveals Future You

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Weight loss app

Are you looking for a new way to motivate your weight loss efforts? Dr. Oz recently showed viewers how they can use a new weight loss app that will reveal how your face will look after losing a specified number of pounds.


There’s a reason why we hang onto older images of ourselves on social media sites like Facebook—the younger we were, the less we typically weighed. And according to Dr. Oz, seeing what your face would look like after losing a specific number of pounds could be a great motivator for getting you to lose some weight―and maybe even update that old photo.

“Have you ever wondered, ‘Would it really make any difference―if I lost 10, 20 or even 50 pounds―in how I would look,’” posits Dr. Oz as he reveals to viewers a new weight loss app called “Visualize You” that he says is like a mirror to your future.

“It gives you a picture, literally, of what losing weight can do for your looks,” promises Dr. Oz.

“Visualize You” is an app created by Visual Health Solutions Inc. that allows a person to upload a photo of their face and get an accurate representation of what their face would look like after losing a selected number of pounds by the user.

Reportedly, this software is not just another pinch and stretch type of Photoshop image effect, but actually uses 3D model engine and weight change algorithms―developed and confirmed by weight change experts―to provide an accurate image manipulation of what you could look like after losing some weight.

However, note that this app is for the face only, and does not show what happens to a dieter’s body after significant weight loss.

The steps behind using the Visualize You app are relatively simple:

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• Either enter a photo or take a new one of your face for the app

• Enter your current height and weight

• Enter your target weight

• Adjust targeting pointers to facial features such as your nose, mouth, cheeks and chin

• Move a screen slide button from left to right to compare your before and after face

“It’s our face that people see first and is often the most affected by changes in weight,” says Dr. Oz.

For an example showing how this app works on a real person, go to the referenced Dr. Oz episode and watch how the app believably transforms the face of one of his viewer guests.

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