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Vitamin Injection Therapy Benefits and Risks That You Need to Know

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Vitamin Injection Therapy

On a recent episode of The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz introduces special guest Pericles Lance, MD, the founder of Anti-Aging & Laser Medical Associates who caters to both celebrities and the general public a vitamin injection therapy that he and many others claim can make you feel energized and prevent getting sick.

Vitamin injection therapy is essentially direct venous injection through an IV bag filled with mega-dose amounts of select vitamins and elements into your bloodstream so that your body can reach high levels of nutrients that would otherwise not be possible via the digestive tract after swallowing a multivitamin pill.

A typical cocktail provided by vitamin injection therapy consists primarily of calcium, magnesium, vitamins C, B-12, B-6, B-5 and a combination of trace elements that the body needs for normal functioning.

Dr. Oz’s special guest Dr. Pericles Lance makes the argument that his vitamin injection therapy is needed by many because we are nutrient deficient due to our modern day diet. He states that it is especially useful for people who are already healthy, but want to go from feeling good to feeling great― one of the most oft-mentioned benefits in testimonies from patients who subscribe to his vitamin injection therapy.

Dr. Lance also states that many patients come to him for treatment when they feel a cold coming on and that by super-charging themselves with mega-doses of vitamins that they can stave off illness.

Dr. Oz, however, questions the safety of taking vitamin injections by pointing out that the injection therapy is actually infusing well over 100 times the recommended amount of daily vitamins into the body in a large bolus in a short amount of time.

Dr. Lance counters Dr. Oz’s concerns by stating that the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of vitamins is for the minimal amount only for being healthy, and that it is not like a speed limit―that there isn’t a maximum amount of vitamin your body can take safely.

However, other medical experts such as David Katz, MD and Director of Yale Prevention Research Center who is an expert on vitamin therapies, are not so optimistic about the benefits of taking large doses of vitamins intravenously. According to Dr. Katz, there are specific medical conditions such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue where vitamin injections are beneficial for people who are unhealthy and in need of therapy, but for otherwise healthy people the science is not there to support such claims of benefit or safety.

“The dose makes the poison…and we don’t know what the right limit is and we know that some antioxidants in very high doses can have pro-oxidant effects,” says Dr. Katz. “And, we haven’t been studying this long enough to say that we know what the effects are on things like aging.”

He tells Dr. Oz that in a study his lab performed pitting the vitamin cocktail injection therapy against a placebo, that the placebo did as well as the cocktail in the study’s participants, so there is no real evidence that healthy people are benefiting from vitamin injections.

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Dr. Katz also points out that the risk of a life-threatening allergic reaction is much greater when nutrients are taken in via an injection in comparison to entering the body naturally through the mouth and digestive system.

Dr. Oz ends the discussion by telling viewers that he does not believe that vitamin injection therapy should be tried, and that his recommendation is to get your vitamins primarily through eating a healthy diet and with supplements such as a multivitamin pill.

However, as an alternative way to get the 4 essential vitamins you need every day without having to have a vitamin injection or swallow a large multivitamin pill, Dr. Oz offers viewers his vitamin cocktail listed below to keep you healthy.

Dr. Oz’s Vitamin Cocktail

According to Dr. Oz, the four primary essential vitamins provided by vitamin injection therapy are magnesium, B-12, vitamin C and calcium. His solution for a non-IV way to get these 4 nutrients is with his “Oz approved vitamin cocktail” consisting of:

• Vitamin B-12 oral spray that is sprayed under the tongue once a day.
• A cocktail drink mixed in a blender made of:
 --1 cup of either fresh or frozen papaya fruit for your vitamin C
 --½ cup of spinach and ½ cup of kale for your magnesium and calcium
 --1 sliced apple and 1 banana for additional nutrients
 --Ice

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I notice a lot of benefits from taking vitamins - especially food source ones as opposed to synthetic vitamins, Many people have testified to have a feeling of comfortable health in regularly taking in multivitamins,
I had a friend who tried the injection years ago. He swore by it... saying how fantastic he felt after. I've always been interested in it since. I actively eat healthy and take multi vitamin orally until the bottle is done and then generally take a month off before buying another bottle. I hear multi pills can be hard on the stomach... hence me taking a break from them every other month or so :)