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Two Tricks for Curbing Hunger before Mealtime

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Try wet veggies for suppressing your hunger

Looking for an easy way to curb your hunger before mealtime so that you will not overeat? Here are two tricks recommended by NBC’s Today show nutritionist Joy Bauer.


You’ve been good all day regarding your diet and avoiding all those foods that can add on the pounds. However, by the end of the day you’re tired, cranky from having consumed fewer calories, and in no mood for dieting. So what do you do to prevent yourself from overeating? Try some pre-mealtime tricks that will suppress your hunger and help you stay in control of your diet.

Here’s a clip from the Today show by NBC:

Nutritionist Joy Bauer’s Appetite Suppressing Advice

Pre-meal trick #1: Drink 16 ounces of water 30 minutes before a meal to give your brain time to register that your stomach is not so empty and therefore will help curb your appetite.

Pre-meal trick #2:
Eat before you eat. In other words, before sitting down to dinner with the family, eat 1-2 cups of cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes or celery. The great thing about this is that not only will you get nutrient dense and calorie low food in your stomach, but also you will get the added advantage of water and fiber together that will suppress your appetite before enjoying the main dish of the day.

Additional Appetite Suppressing Tricks

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Reference: NBC Today Show “What to eat to feel full

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