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Two Fast Weight Loss Diets Ranked High by U.S. News & World Report

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Two fast diets that work

Did you know that the typical advice that losing weight fast leads to weight regain, is not exactly true for many dieters? Here is a bit about a recent list of fast weight loss diets ranked by U.S. News & World Report that reveals their top two choices for losing fat fast that may help you keep it off for good.


Let’s face it: Everyone wants to lose weight...but without the wait—as well as the pain, sweat, tears, agony, self-loathing, etc. In fact, health experts typically advise dieters against attempting to try to lose weight quickly because they argue that those who do so are doomed to regain the lost weight and even more.

But is this always true? According to the recent release rankings of diets for weight loss that now includes a ranking of those diets involved in losing weight fast, U.S. News & World Report reveals that the Biggest Loser Diet and the HMR Diet can work in the long run for some dieters who want to shed those pounds faster than old winter clothing on the first day of spring.

By now everyone is more than familiar with the popular Biggest Loser televised series pitting overweight contestants against each other and themselves toward achieving significant weight loss in a relatively short amount of time. Essentially, it’s a race that combines extreme, daily workouts with tough calorie restriction that results in steep weight losses (up to 30 pounds lost in one week in some cases)―a fact that has some critics charging the show with fat-shaming and pushing contestants too hard physically in order to keep viewer ratings up.

Be that as it may, it does get results and so makes it among the top 2 choices by U.S. News & World Report.

The other choice is the HMR Diet, which is less physically grueling and has the support of health experts who believe a diet should promote healthy lifestyle changes toward losing weight.

The HMR Diet works by using a modified form of the VLCD (very low calorie diet) diet that uses HMR meal replacements such as low-calorie shakes, soups, nutrition bars and multigrain hot cereal as well as fruits and vegetables in lieu of those home-made meals that lead to weight gain. Recommended physical activity that complements the diet is limited to daily walks of approximately 30 minutes.

According to U.S. News reviewers, the plus side to the HMR Diet is its quick-start option and the convenience of having meals delivered to you. The down side: "The shakes could get humdrum," and it's tough to eat out while on this diet.

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Reported results of the HMR Diet reveal that in at least one clinical study consisting of 1,100 participants with a BMI of 40 or higher who completed at least 12 weeks of the HMR program, that the participants lost an average of 66 lbs.

So what about the argument that losing weight too fast is a road to failure due to being non-sustainable for dieters? According to a press release from HMR Weight Management Services, losing weight fast can give dieters that jump start they need to initiate future weight loss successes.

“HMR programs excel at providing the jump start many people need when beginning a healthier lifestyle program,” said Carol Addy, M.D. MMSc, Chief Medical Officer at HMR. “A common misconception is that losing weight quickly is not healthy, not sustainable, and will just lead to future weight re-gain. To the contrary, numerous clinical studies demonstrate that following a lifestyle change program which promotes fast initial weight loss can result in better long-term success.”

“On the HMR Program, people can lose weight without feeling hungry. Our programs achieve fast weight loss in a livable way by encouraging people to eat more and stay satisfied, which makes it easier to stick to the program in the short-term, and over the long haul,” states Addy.

For more about losing weight, here is an earlier article about what U.S. News & World Report revealed to be the top 5 easiest diets to follow for weight loss.


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