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Two Diet Supplements That Helped a Former Dr. Oz Hater Lose 130 Pounds

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Dr. Oz talks about a diet supplement

“Change your weight and you can change how long and how well you will live,” says Dr. Oz as he introduces special guest “Jennifer” who stated that although she was a former Dr. Oz hater, she later discovered that that his advice works as she lost 130 pounds in 18 months by taking two Oz recommended supplements to give her energy and by creating her own mini-meal diet plan and a no-gym exercise routine.

“I was killing myself with food,” says Jennifer as she described how that a life spent eating unhealthy foods, uncontrolled eating binges, and grief from a losing a child had led her to reach a total body weight of nearly 300 pounds until her husband stepped in and pushed her to seek help by watching episodes of The Dr. Oz Show to gain useful advice on losing weight.

Jennifer admits that at first she was resistant to watching The Dr. Oz Show and could not see how she could benefit from his advice. However, after continual prodding by her husband and trying out some of Dr. Oz’s advice, she learned that losing weight was not impossible for her.

“I started eating like you said, moving like you said―and it worked,” said Jennifer to Dr. Oz. “Today, I am 130 pounds lighter and I have found the peace I’ve been looking for.”

“What did you do specifically, step by step, to transform your health?” asks Dr. Oz.

“I was looking for supplements that would help my energy level,” says Jennifer. “And so I started with magnesium and a B complex vitamin. I take them every day and they make a big difference. They help me get up and go in the morning―I take them every morning with my breakfast.”

People with poor, unhealthy eating habits are often magnesium deficient, which in turn can exacerbate weight gain. Magnesium is an essential nutrient that is needed by every organ in the body and plays a pivotal role in activating enzymes that are involved in energy production.

While magnesium can be gained from eating healthy foods rich in magnesium such as whole grains, nuts, and green leafy vegetables, people who have not quite transformed over to totally eating healthy can meet their magnesium requirements by taking magnesium supplements daily―420 milligrams for men and 320 milligrams for women.

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The second supplement taken by Jennifer―a B complex vitamin―is an important supplement to take alongside a magnesium supplement because it helps magnesium get absorbed into the body’s cells rather than the majority of it being lost through normal waste process.

The second thing Jennifer did was add high fiber mini-meals to her diet that she ate between regular meals to keep her filling full throughout the day and control her eating during meals. The mini-meals consisted of choices such as a high-fiber breakfast bar with fruit; a mix of vegetables and wasabi peas; and a trail mix consisting of roasted soy beans, walnuts almonds and dried fruit.

But Jennifer’s weight loss wasn’t all about diet. In fact, she discovered that by creating her own exercise routine that used a stairway as her gym, she was able to supplement her weight loss success without having to spend money on a gym membership.

The following is a description of Jennifer’s staircase exercise routine from The Dr. Oz Show website that helped her lose over 130 pounds in 18 months:

1. Incline Pushups

With your toes on the floor, place your hands on the step of your choice. Then perform a normal pushup. These could also be done on the knees to make them a little easier.

2. Triceps’ Dips

Sit on a step with your feet on the step below and your hands beside your hips. Walk your feet out so that you are off the step supported by your hands. Raise and lower yourself by bending and straightening your arms.

3. Step Lunges

Starting on the floor, step up with one foot. Raise the other foot up and tap your toe on the next step. Lower that same foot, and then do a rear lunge with the starting foot. Repeat on the other side. You can add hand weights if desired.

4. Bear Crawls

Start with your feet on the floor and your hands on the first step. Slowly crawl up the stairs by moving one hand and the opposite foot. You can also crawl back down when reaching the top, but be careful not to fall!

5. Stair Sprints

Starting at the bottom, walk at a fast pace up the stairs. You can take each step or skip one or two each time to make them more challenging. If you want, you could do some squats or pushups at the top. Then walk back down and repeat.

For additional information on other supplements recommended by Dr. Oz for helping you lose weight, follow this link to an article titled “Three New Belly Fat Busting Supplements for the New Year.”

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