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Try These Breast Cleavage Wrinkle Solutions for Younger Looking Breasts!

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Do you tend to wear turtleneck blouses to hide your breast’s cleavage wrinkles? Would you like to go back to wearing a more daring V-neck blouse? Here are some simple solutions from Dr. Oz on what to do about your breast cleavage wrinkles.

“It’s hard enough to deal with wrinkles on the face, but as time passes everything goes south—even your wrinkles…I’m talking about cleavage wrinkles,” says Dr. Oz as he tells his viewers that it’s possible to have younger looking breasts without surgery.

“Cleavage wrinkles form when the collagen in your skin—that’s the scaffolding that holds everything together―begins to break down,” explains Dr. Oz as he demonstrates with a prop of “the girls” how that when your skin is young it’s nice and smooth. But with aging, the collagen breaks down and the skin begins to collapse under the weight of the tissue and gravity and begins to form furrows that deepen over time and turn into wrinkles.

Part of the problem, however, is not just about aging skin, but what you do to your breasts that adds to cleavage wrinkling.

According to Dr. Oz the following 3 culprits can cause cleavage wrinkling:

Cleavage Wrinkle Culprit #1: Lying on your side while sleeping.

“Sleeping on your side can create more wrinkles,” says Dr. Oz who tells viewers that lying on your side compresses the breasts against each other which then causes rubbing of skin against skin that contributes to collagen breakdown.

The obvious solution is to not lay on your side any longer; but, not a very realistic solution for most sleepers. Dr. Oz remedies this problem by presenting what he calls a “breast pillow.”

“This is a pillow for your pillows,” says Dr. Oz

A breast pillow applies both padding and support between the breasts to prevent skin-to-skin contact while sleeping on your side. Breast pillows are available for about $50 online.

While lying on your side is one culprit of cleavage wrinkling, here is another breast habit mothers need to warn their teenage daughters about when it comes to protecting their breasts.

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Cleavage Wrinkle Culprit #2: Wearing too tight of a bra

Dr. Oz tells women that wearing too tight of a regular bra or a sports bra is another culprit of cleavage wrinkling. The problem with an improperly fitted bra is that it can put stress on the skin between the breasts resulting in deeper wrinkle-forming furrows.

In fact, studies show that too tight of a bra will actually strangle your breasts!

Dr. Oz’s advice is to find a professional bra fitter who can help you find the best fit for your breasts.

Cleavage Wrinkle Culprit #3:

“The last culprit, which is the easiest one to address and maybe the most important one of all is that it turns out that it’s not just aging, but the sun that is the culprit,” says Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz recommends taking the same sunscreen that you use to protect your face and use it on your exposed breasts as well when outdoors during the day and especially when at the beach sunbathing.

Another remedy for the breasts is to apply glycolic acid to the skin.

“If you already have those creases in your cleavage, then this works for two reasons―it’s an exfoliant, but it is also helps stimulate collagen production beneath the skin,” says Dr. Oz.

In addition, here are a few more tips on how to combat premature aging of the skin around your breasts.

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Reference: The Dr. Oz Show