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Treat Your Balding Scalp with Two Miracles for Thinning Hair Recommended on Dr. Oz Show

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Hair Loss Treatment by Dr. Oz

"One of the most embarrassing issues you face as you age is thinning of your hair," says Dr. Oz as he introduces his special guest Molly Nover-Baker, Beauty Director with Women’s Health Magazine who promotes two new hair products - one that is a powder that thickens hair, and one that is a serum that causes new hair to grow.

Dr. Oz explains that as we age it is normal to experience some hair loss. However, not only does hair loss occur, but our hormonal levels change as well , and as they do they can directly affect how new hair regrows from the scalp where normal hair loss occurred.

“When we have hormonal changes, they influence the ways new hairs grows from those follicles and so instead of being big and robust and thick, the hair follicles shrink, they shrivel up, and the hair gets thinner shorter and finer. And over time…you get this sparse appearance, especially on the top of the head,” says Dr. Oz.

Solutions for women who are faced with thinning hair or a balding scalp include both cosmetic and medicinal treatments.

One miracle cosmetic treatment for thinning hair is called “Toppik Hair Building Fibers” that is available in 9 different shades. Its claim is that it will add fullness to your hair and will cover thinning spots on your scalp.

“This one is amazing because it is a cosmetic fix for women with thinning hair or bald spots. What’s amazing about it is that it has keratin fibers…it looks like a hair powder, but it is keratin fibers―and our hair is naturally made up of keratin proteins,” says Ms. Nover-Baker. “So, when you spray something like this on your hair, it’s going to attach and bond to your real hair, and it’s going to fill in all of those sparse spots so that your hair looks thicker, fuller and more lush.”

Ms. Nover-Baker explains that the fiber spray is applied liberally―but gently―to hair that has already been styled so as not to disturb the bonded fibers once they are attached to each hair shaft. The thickening fibers will stay on your hair until the next time you wash your hair.

According to The Dr. Oz Show, it is available online and at beauty stores for $21 per bottle and is also available as a reusable spray applicator for $18.

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Whereas the first miracle hair product was more cosmetic, the 2nd miracle product for thinning hair recommended on The Dr. Oz Show is medicinal in the form of an a hair growth serum called “Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment.” Ms. Nover-Baker tells viewers that its active ingredient is the only one approved by the FDA for its proven hair-growing abilities.

The active ingredient in Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment is a 2% solution of minoxidil that is applied twice daily. Ms. Nover-Baker states that in order for it to work, users of the product have to be diligent in applying the serum twice a day and giving it enough time to work. According to Dr. Oz’s special guest, it is available at stores and online for as little as $25 per bottle.

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