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6 Belly Bloat Cures that Will Give You a Flat Belly Fast!

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Bloat Cures

Do you ever feel like a balloon at a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? Are your skinny jeans too tight today, but were a perfect fit yesterday? According to Dr. Oz you are suffering from bloat that may be caused by a combination of what you eat, what you drink and the curviness of your colon. Fortunately, Dr. Oz reveals his top bloat cures that he says will make your belly go from bloat to flat fast!

“If you have ever felt so bloated that you were worried that your pants would pop—then it’s time to pay attention. Today I am revealing the bloat cures to stop the agony for good,” says Dr. Oz as he explains to viewers that the amount of gas inside your belly can easily be as large as a typical party balloon.

With Dr. Oz is his special guest Dr. Robynne Chutkan, founder of the Digestive Center for Women who tells viewers that many women are guilty of making this one mistake that starts the bloating process.

“So many of us wake up in the morning bloat-free, and what do we do? We start to clog up our digestive system first thing in the morning. The key is that you have to work on the bloating before it happens. Eliminate it before you start to bloat,” advises Dr. Chutkan who tells viewers that bloating in her experience has reached epidemic proportions in women today—especially in young women who should not be having digestive problems.

To prevent or put an end to bloat, Dr. Chutkan advises women to start their day with her recommended bloat cures:

Bloat Cure #1: Take an Anti-Bloat Elixir First Thing in the Morning

Dr. Chutkan’s anti-bloat elixir consists of the following ingredients mixed in a blender:

• 1 cup of coconut water
• 1 tablespoon of psyllium husks
• 1 tablespoon of acacia fiber powder
• ½ cup of pineapple (frozen is fine)
• ½ cup of papaya (frozen is fine)
• 1 handful of spinach or chard or kale
• 4-6 ice cubes

“This is like Liquid Drano for your digestive system. It’s also filling, so it’s a great way to start moving things through and also fill you up in the morning,” says Dr. Chutkan. “This smoothie is about 10 grams of fiber which is great for cleaning out the pipes.”

Dr. Chutkan tells viewers that to become bloat-free you need to take in a minimum of 25 grams of fiber throughout the day—if you have no digestive issues. If you do already have digestive problems, then you will want to consume even more grams of fiber daily.

“You want to be thinking about getting at least 10 grams each meal ideally,” says Dr. Chutkan.

Dr. Oz explains to viewers that how Dr. Chutkan’s elixir works is that the extra fiber helps waste move through the digestive tract more quickly than it would if there were very little fiber in someone’s diet. The problem with waste moving slowly through the digestive tract is that it gives bacteria time to produce copious amounts of gas—which is why bloating occurs. So, remove the waste quickly and you will remove the source of the gas.

Bloat Cure #2: Supersize Your Lunch

“It’s so important to have your biggest meal early in the day,” says Dr. Chutkan. “It’s when you need the calories. We don’t need to eat a big meal and then jump right into bed.”

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However, this does not mean a trip to McDonalds and order a supersize meal. Rather, you should make lunch your biggest meal of the day beginning with at least 10 grams of fiber either with an anti-bloat type of elixir like that recommended by Dr. Chutkan or a good healthy vegetable salad. The rest of the meal should consist of fruit and a serving of lean meat like fish or chicken for the filling protein to keep you satiated throughout a busy day. In addition, you can also supplement your meals with some of Dr. Oz’s top belly fat fighters.

Bloat Cure #3: Finely Chop Your Dinner

Unlike your lunch which should be a relatively bulky meal, dinner is when you want to eat less and provide your digestive tract with some help in processing your meal. To do this, Dr. Chutkan recommends chopping your dinner into small particles and then limit the amount you eat to approximately a fist-sized amount, which is about the capacity of a stomach.

“One of the important functions of the stomach to churn up food into fine particles,” says Dr. Chutkan. “When you chop your dinner at night you are getting a jump start—you are doing some of the work for you digestive system.”

Bloat Cure #4: Do Not Eat Your Leftovers!

Contrary to what we have been taught, eating leftovers is a bad idea―if you have bloating problems. The reason for this according to Dr. Chutkan is that the starchy leftovers consisting of potatoes, rice or pasta actually become more difficult to digest after storing in the refrigerator and then reheating for another meal.

“They are much harder to digest. They become like a rock in your digestive system,” says Dr. Chutkan.

“You change the structure of food when you cool it, heat it, cool it, heat it,” says Dr. Oz who explains that what happens when you eat leftovers that are resistant to digestion is that less digestion occurs in the small intestine, which then leads to the majority of digestion taking place in the large intestine and colon where excess gas will then be produced. “All of the action goes on too far down the path and that’s why leftovers are an issue,” says Dr. Oz.

Bloat Cure #5: Eliminate Dairy

“The problem is that if you have dairy every day and you are bloated every day, you might not make the connection. More than half the world is lactose intolerant or will become lactose intolerant at some point in their life,” says Dr. Chutkan. “And unless you eliminate the dairy―even for just a week or two―you might never know if it’s contributing to your bloat.”

Dr. Chutkan recommends trying to go dairy-free for at least 10 days to see if dairy may be the cause of your bloating. In place of dairy products she recommends substitutes like almond milk and coconut milk ice cream.

Bloat Cure #6: Fennel Seeds

Dr. Chutkan recommends making a habit of chewing one pinch of fennel seeds just before and after every meal as a way to ease your digestive tract and prevent bloating. Fennel seeds have been used for centuries as a natural cure-all for digestive problems in many cultures and are believed to possess colon-relaxing properties.

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Reference: The Dr. Oz Show



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