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Top 6 Body Aging Mistakes Many Women Make Revealed on Dr. Oz Show

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Women's aging

“I am going to reveal today, the mistakes that are aging you that are looking you right in the face,” says Dr. Oz as he alerts viewers to everyday mistakes many women make during their routine skin care, hygiene and home habits that ages the body and makes them look older than their years. The following is a summary of those body aging mistakes and what you can do about them.

Aging Mistake #1: Warm Tap Water

“The first mistake that ages you, is drinking water from the warm tap…fifteen percent of all lead comes from drinking water,” says Dr. Oz as he explains that the warmer the water is that comes from the tap, the higher the concentration of lead in the water becomes as lead leaches from the pipes.

The problem with too much lead exposure is that it damages and kills brain cells causing the brain to actually shrink, resulting in memory loss.

To erase that age mistake, Dr. Oz recommends that for drinking and for meal preparation you should always run cold water from the tap for a full minute to flush the pipes with fresh, less lead-contaminated water.

Aging Mistake #2: Energy Drinks

“The next mistake that ages you is energy drinks…it can cause your teeth to yellow prematurely” says Dr. Oz as he points out that what few people realize is one energy drink is equivalent to eight cans of soda when it comes to damaging teeth.

This damaging of teeth is the eroding away of the upper white enamel layer that eventually uncovers the yellow dentin lower layer that makes up the body of a tooth. The acids from both sodas and energy drinks are what causes the damage; however, the energy drinks are more acidic and therefore more damaging to teeth.

One way to erase this age mistake—other than abstaining from energy drinks and sodas—is to drink through a straw so that the teeth make less contact with the beverage.

Aging Mistake #3: Texting

“The next mistake that ages you is texting…it can make you hunchbacked,” warns Dr. Oz as he demonstrates how that most people when they text, tend to hunch their body forward with their arms wrapped in a semi-circle as they bend their neck down to see the small screen while texting. The head, he explains, places undue strain on the arms, joints, and neck as if you were holding a 10-pound bowling ball at arm’s length for a prolonged period.

Dr. Oz suggests that a better way to text is to hold your phone higher up toward your face with your arms at approximately a 90-degreee angle relative to your body and roughly even with your shoulders. In addition, using talk-to-text is an easier way to erase this aging mistake.

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Aging Mistake #4: Washing Face in the Morning

“The number one aging mistake is washing your face in the morning…it takes away important oils that protects your face,” says Dr. Oz as he explains that washing those natural skin oils away in the morning—as well as the moisturizer you had applied before going to bed—causes the skin to become drier, which in turn makes it look older and duller.

“Evening my friends, is the best time to wash your face,” says Dr. Oz as he recommends that no matter what type of skin you have, do not wash it with a cleanser; but instead, dab it with a little water to start your day to erase this number one aging mistake.

Aging Mistake #5: Neglecting Your Neck

“Whatever you put on your face needs to go below your neckline,” says Dr. Oz as he tells viewers that the neck is often neglected during a woman’s skincare routine when applying moisturizer and sunblock.

Dr. Oz explains that the skin on the neck is thinner, more sensitive to the elements and therefore more prone to wrinkling than facial skin.

“Because they have not applied that same rejuvenative stuff as they put on their face, they don’t get the same benefit on their neck,” says Dr. Oz as he advises women to be sure to apply their skincare products to their neck as well as to their face to erase this aging mistake.

Aging Mistake #6: Brushing Wet Hair

The biggest mistake is brushing your hair while it’s still wet…think of your hair as like a silk blouse—it’s very fragile,” says Dr. Oz as he warns viewers that brushing hair while it is still wet can lead to breakage. Dry hair is much more resilient he states.

The best way to erase this aging mistake is to first dry your hair by patting it with a towel and then using a round brush to stroke your hair sections at a time, rather than from root to end in single strokes.

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Image Source: Courtesy of MorgueFile

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