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Top 4 Medical Reasons for Feeling Exhausted

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Medical reasons for exhaustion

Feeling exhausted all the time is one of the most common complaints patients present to their physicians, but receive little help for. To help women understand the causes of their feeling exhausted, Dr. Oz and his staff examined 24 women who experience constant exhaustion and came to a startling finding of the top 4 medical reasons for feeling exhausted.

“Today’s show is for every woman who is sick and tired of feeling sick and tired,” says Dr. Oz as he introduces his viewers to the results of an exhaustion lab he and his staff conducted examining 24 women who say that they feel exhausted all the time. “What we found could be the key to reigniting your ignition,” says Dr. Oz.

In his exhaustion lab, the women were examined and assessed at a variety stations that included nutrition, over the counter meds, blood work, and their pets.

“We are going to look at the four reasons you may be feeling exhausted and we will begin by looking at your diet,” says Dr. Oz as he consults with nutritionist Heidi Skolnik. “These women are remarkable because they are so exhausted, but they are still functional,” says Ms. Skolnik. “There are nutritional practices and patterns you do that can either be adding to your exhaustion or hopefully alleviating it at least a little bit,” she says.

Carb Coma
Ms. Skolnik explains that a carb coma is not really about overeating just carbs, but overeating all types of food like we typically do on Thanksgiving Day. However, she points out that a carb coma is not a one day thing, but the result of overeating every day that results in a hormone release that causes you to feel sleepy and tired.

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Low Testosterone
Shawn Talbot, Ph.D. is an exhaustion specialist and author of the book “The Secret of Vigor.” He discusses how that when the stress hormone cortisol is elevated, that testosterone levels go down.

“This is not just a problem for men, but for women also,” says Dr. Oz explaining that testosterone not only drives libido, but your feelings of energy as well. “The normal level of testosterone is from 8 to 48,” he says. Dr. Talbot concurs that low testosterone levels are responsible for many cases of exhaustion.

Hidden Side Effects of Drug
Dr. Oz explains that many pain relievers like Naproxen have side effects that cause sleepiness. “Anything that is strong enough to help you, is strong enough to hurt you,” he explains saying that it makes no sense to take a pill that affects your entire body when it is only a part of your body that feels pain and needs relief. He advises people to seek other remedies such as wraps or massages to help an affected area rather than taking a pain pill.

Pets in the Bed
“Half of the people who have pets in their bed reported having trouble sleeping,” said Dr. Oz. During the assessment of the 24 study participants, Dr. Oz showed one of the participants that she had only 4 hours and 18 minutes of deep sleep while having her dog in bed with her at night.

Louise Murray a veterinarian says that it’s important to make sure that your pet gets a lot of exercise before bed time, but rather than having a pet in bed with you it is best to crate train them to sleep in their own bed so that you are guaranteed to not be disturbed in bed.

Dr. Oz’s 4 medical reasons for feeling exhausted were surprising, and not just for the participants in the study, but for Dr. Oz as well. Dr. Oz recommends that finding ways to defeat the 4 medical reasons for exhaustion will leave you a healthier and happier person.

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I think Naproxen makes you sleepy because pain relief is a blessed event that allows you the luxury of relaxation and zzzzzzzzzzzz's.
Yep, good point. It's funny how that relaxation is considered to be a luxury more today than a necessity. I'm all for hibernating till Spring right now.