Top 20 Breast Cancer T-shirt Slogans

Breast Cancer T-Shirt

Breast cancer T-shirt slogans are not very titillating (forgive the pun please) for some community members in the small town of Gilbert, Arizona. There, a high school cheerleading squad decided to sport the message "Feel for lumps, Save your bumps," on their T-shirts as a way to raise money toward breast cancer research and breast cancer awareness. However, school officials and some parents were not amused by their show of breast levity and are denying the cheerleaders the opportunity to wear the supposedly offensive T-shirt at school events. The school officials feel that the breast cancer T-shirt slogan is questionably offensive. And that’s their right.

Furthermore, a number of articles and blog posts have stated that cancer of any type is no laughing matter and that they find any attempt at humor involving breasts and cancer to be trivializing and demeaning. And that’s their right.


However, what we are seeing this year is an unparalleled level of interest in raising breast cancer awareness and support for a deadly disease. And this is a good thing. Yes, breasts as boobs appear to be the focus, but saving lives is the result. There is no one who will go through life without being touched by breast cancer in some way either directly or indirectly. And in that, who can say that they own “breast cancer” and deny others their way to deal with the disease. Humor is said to be the best medicine, but for some it may be their only medicine.

For those of us who are not so easily offended, here is a list of the top 20 breast cancer T-shirt slogans that have come abreast (apologies again please) for this year’s breast cancer awareness movement.

• Yes my boobs are fake, my real ones tried to kill me
• Save the Tatas
• Save the Girls
• Big or small save them all
• These babies are self-examined
• I heart boobies
• I’m here for the boobs
• Boobs: They could use your support
• Boobs like these are worth fighting for!
• A feel a day keeps the doctor away
• Operation: Healthy Hooters!
• Boobs, Sweat and Tears
• Save second base (or Don’t let cancer steal 2nd base)
• Save a life, grope your wife
• I • Don't let mounds develop in your mounds
• Have you had your boobs squeezed lately?
• Save the woman behind these boobs!
• Hope for Hooters
• Get your boo bees (image of bees) checked



People are creative when it comes to spreading the word. The good news is early detection can cure breast cancer - we've come a long way - so maybe it's okay to be a little bit lighthearted about this form of cancer at least.