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Tips on Saving Money with Gym Memberships for Weight Loss

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Did you know that most health clubs are counting on the fact that you will not use your gym membership?! Here are some tips on how to save money before signing that dotted line on a gym membership contract as you try to lose weight.


Memberships in health clubs peak in the month of January when many dieters make it part of their New Year weight loss resolutions to join a gym and finally work off those holiday pounds. But did you know that January is actually the worst month to shop for a gym membership and that soon it will be a much better time to sign up if you haven’t already? These facts and more were revealed in a CBS News report that revealed some smart ways to save on your gym membership.

According to CBS News senior business analyst Jill Schlesinger, health club memberships in America are at an all-time high at more than 54 million in 2014. However, the percentage of members who never use their gym membership is a whopping 67 percent—something many gyms count on to maximize their profits by taking in more customers than they can possibly handle if everyone used their membership to its fullest.

Ms. Schlesinger points out that most people tend to stop going to the gym regularly after the first few weeks of signing up with a membership and that this is human nature. Her recommendation is that in spite of good intentions for losing weight, memberships require some special consideration.

“The real issue here is that you gotta be clear with yourself—how much are you going to use this gym? Does that annual membership really make sense? Maybe doing a monthly membership and testing it out for a few months is a better idea,” says Ms. Schlesinger.

Tips on Smart Ways to Save on Your Gym Membership

• Wait until a late spring or summertime to join a gym:
Gym memberships are at their lowest in July; and therefore, better deals are typically offered during these times to draw in new customers.

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• Take advantage of trial periods: Many gyms offer free trial periods to help you decide if their facility is right for you. Don’t be in a rush to sign an agreement until you are sure that this is a good way to spend your money toward weight loss success. In fact, it’s possible to bounce from one facility to another over a period of months for free just by using their trial period offers.

• Consider buying a pass that offers a certain amount of sessions for a fixed price: Studies show that when factoring in how much a membership costs and the number of times a person actually uses the gym comes to about $17 per visit. Some gyms offer 10-class passes at a rate of $10 per class resulting in a savings for those who may not attend as often as they need to get the most out of their membership.

• Rather than spending money on a gym membership, consider investing in wearable weight loss tech: Companies like fitbit offer wearable devices and support services to help people reach the level of exercise they need to ensure more calories are burned than consumed on a daily basis.

• Get your workout at home on streaming video: Those VCR video workout tapes are so yesteryear―now is the time to search for free workout demonstrations online that can provide you with a virtual personal trainer for free in your home.

• Let someone else pay for your membership: Check with your insurance provider and your employer to see if they provide health benefits like membership in a gym to lower their premiums coverage.

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