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Three areas where you should not trust your doctor

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Dr. Mercola on Dr. Oz

Doctor Oz guest Doctor Joe Mercola warns the public not to trust their doctor.


“Joe Mercola is the man mainstream medicine loves to hate,” says Dr. Oz as he invites special guest Dr. Joe Mercola—a medical practitioner and patient health advocate - who is known for his provocative medical information warnings, but now openly advocates for a wholesale change in how doctors do medicine today. Dr. Mercola explains his views on The Dr. Oz Show while at the same time telling the public why they should not trust their doctor.

Dr. Joe Mercola began his crusade against medicine as practiced today when he came to the realization that physicians were really not addressing the underlying causes of disease and that this was a result of an orchestrated manipulation by the drug companies. Because of his outspoken views on modern medicine Dr. Joe Mercola has a reputation as America’s most controversial medicine guru and warns the public that they shouldn’t trust their doctor when it comes to health issues like vitamin D, flu shots and saturated fats.

As an example of some of the controversy behind why the medical establishment hates him so much, Dr. Mercola says that it began about 10 years ago when the once-popularly prescribed drug Vioxx first began to come out, that despite his written warnings about Vioxx’s safety, the FDA had granted approval for its release.

Vioxx is a painkiller used in the treatment of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, painful menstruation cramps and other types of acute pain. Vioxx was pulled off the market because it is believed to increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, and liver problems as well as stomach and intestinal bleeding.

“It [Vioxx] was later found to have killed 60,000 people before it was removed from the market,” says Dr. Mercola. “And interestingly, no one went to jail…a few weeks ago Merck settled the litigation and paid for all those deaths—only $16,000 per death.”

During that time and up to now, Dr. Mercola has continued to write about health and voice his concerns about current treatments and prescriptions for illnesses and provide information about alternative treatments. However, Dr. Mercola is now ready for a new focus that involves making people advocates for better health and better medicine by their practitioners.

“One of the ways that Dr. Mercola is doing this is by sounding the alarm today about when not to trust your doctor,” says Dr. Oz as he begins with the first of three specific areas Dr. Mercola believes why people cannot trust their doctors—Vitamin D.

Area of distrust #1: The Best Sources of Vitamin D
“Why shouldn’t you trust your doctor about the best sources of Vitamin D?” asks Dr. Oz.

“They [doctors] still have not grasped the importance and appreciation of this [Vitamin D] because Vitamin D has so many benefits—it affects two to three thousand of our genes as a regulator,” says Dr. Mercola. “And if you aren’t able to implement it properly, you are not going to get those benefits.”

Dr. Mercola goes against current medical advice by telling people that during the winter months or in jobs where you cannot get to sunlight, that rather than taking Vitamin D pills you should use tanning beds—in spite of research that says that tanning beds can cause cancer.

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Dr. Mercola states that you have to take into consideration the difference between a safe tanning bed and a conventional tanning bed. He explains that with a conventional tanning bed you will hear a humming sound that is a result of the electric ballast that not only provides the energy for the light, but also releases a significant amount of EMF fields that may contribute to the cancer conditions discovered in research studies about tanning beds.

In comparison, safe tanning beds with a silent electronic ballast do not produce strong EMF fields. He also points out that most conventional tanning beds only release UVA rays, but safe ones produce UVB rays too, which is what you need for Vitamin D production in your body.

He also recommends that if you have to get your Vitamin D in a pill form, that you need to know that there are two forms: Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3. Dr. Mercola explains that Vitamin D2 is the one most prescribed by doctors and that it is either a synthetic form or a plant-based form. Vitamin D3, however, the one that is closest to the type naturally in your body is one you should take. Where Dr. Oz disagrees with him though, is in the dosage of Vitamin D.

Dr. Mercola recommends a dose of 8,000 units per day for adults with 150 micrograms of Vitamin K. Dr. Oz, however says that he is sticking with his 1000 units per day dosage of Vitamin D recommendation. Recent studies have shown that too much Vitamin D can cause heart disease, but at the same time other studies have shown that too little Vitamin D can cause depression.

Area of distrust #2: A Need for a Flu Shot
“The problem is the effectiveness of the flu shot,” says Dr. Mercola. “If you go to the CDC’s own website, they will admit that there is a proven wide discrepancy in the range of effectiveness from season to season and in some seasons there’s zero benefit. And it even gets worse if you are over 65. There are no studies that prove clinical effectiveness in that age group,” says Dr. Mercola. “And it can cause very serious complications in some individuals.”

Dr. Oz counters that the CDC’s data also shows that in his opinion that the number of lives saved by the flu shot outweighs Dr. Mercola’s concerns and continues to recommend to his viewers that they should get their yearly flu shot.

Area of distrust #3: The Benefits of Saturated Fats
“Most doctors detest… hate... saturated fats,” says Dr. Oz. “But you say that there is a saturated fat that we actually may all probably benefit from. What’s that?” Dr. Oz asks Dr. Mercola.

“That’s coconut oil, because the fats in coconut oil are very small. And because they are small, they do not require an enzyme to be absorbed - they are passively absorbed and diffuse through the cell’s membranes,” says Dr. Mercola. “And these medium chain triglycerides are very important, they diffuse right on through. The liver uses them as an energy source and it supports the thyroid gland to improve lean body mass. And in addition to that, it has a very special fatty acid called “Lauric acid”…it’s a really important stimulus to the immune system and the only other place it is found is in human breast milk. Saturated fats are actually important molecules that you need to maintain biological health” says Dr. Mercola.

Dr. Oz’s bottom line to this is that he agrees that coconut oil is high in compounds that have antiviral and antifungal properties as found in breast milk that protects babies from infection, but he warns that this does not mean people should rely solely on coconut oil.

Dr. Oz explains that you do not want to replace healthy fats with coconut oil. That you want to replace bad fats with coconut oil and that he himself uses coconut oil because it does not go rancid and does not oxidize during cooking. “But I don’t take out my olive oil to do that. I use it [coconut oil] to get rid of my butter,” says Dr. Oz, further explaining that relying solely on coconut oil will increase your consumption of saturated fats in your diet.

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