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These Weight Loss Success Stories Reveal an Important Point

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An important point about losing weight revealed

Do you find that losing weight is just an impossible goal to achieve? Here’s a video about weight loss success stories of women who lost at least 100 pounds each, that reveals an important point when it comes to dieting and achieving your goals.


Yes, losing weight is hard—but not impossible. A recent episode of Good Morning America showcases and celebrates women who have done what it takes to lose at least 100 pounds each. Here is the video and what each woman did that shows that you can do it too!

Weight Loss Success

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The Important Weight Loss Point

So what was the important point regarding their shared weight loss? It was the fact that you do not have to starve those pounds off. Each of the women showed that changing their meals from unhealthy ones to healthier choices was the key to their weight loss success.

In addition to changing their eating habits, they also attributed their weight loss with the following supplemental dieting tips and tricks:

Walking and/or running―a great way to burn calories in an enjoyable way outside of the gym that is not only good for the body, but also helps relieve stress.

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Practice portion control―it’s all about how much you put into your body. Get in the habit of controlling how much you eat rather than falling into the trap of eating too much just because it’s there.

Add weight training―studies show that adding weight training is one of the most effective workouts you can do in the gym for losing weight.

Drinking lemon water―drinking our calories is one of the biggest dieting mistakes we make. Increase the amount of water you drink daily and avoid even diet drinks filled with artificial sweeteners.

Social media your journey―making yourself accountable and sharing your weight loss journey with others through social media is proving to be a sure-fire way to discover weight loss success.

Protein up your diet—whether it be with snacks or meals, protein helps carry you longer throughout the day by keeping you feeling fuller longer.

Shake the weight off―weight loss shakes are a good alternative on days when there’s not enough time to shop and cook a healthy, balanced meal.

Joining a gym―investing in a gym membership can be beneficial, but only as long as you stick with it. Ask yourself if you really think you can go every other day, and then put it to the test with a trial membership.

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