These 8 New Products Are Designed for Summer Fitness and Weight Loss Goals


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Apr 22 2014 - 10:37am
Summer Fitness and Weight Loss Help

Are you ready to get fit, lose weight and look great this summer? Then start marking your scheduling software and make time to sculpt your new body with these 8 new products that are specifically designed to help you reach your summer fitness and weight loss goals.

However, even if looking great at the beach is not motivation enough, knowing that your health is really what is at stake here is an even better reason for getting fit.
According to the CDC, even a modest weight loss, such as 5 to 10 percent of total body weight is likely to produce health benefits, such as improvements in blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and blood sugars.

So now is the time to start working out and kicking your fitness goals into high gear. To help you meet the challenge, here are 8 new products recommended by health and fitness experts to equip yourself for success:

1. “Ideal Protein”―The Ideal Way to Lose Weight

Not unlike The Biggest Loser that features fitness coaches, Ideal Protein features nutrition coaches who mentor and cheer their patients on to victory in the ongoing weight loss battle.

The Ideal Protein program has more than 3,000 medical professionals throughout the United States and Canada offering this medically-designed weight loss program with more than 25 years of happy clients who have lost unwanted fat and kept it off. The Ideal Protein protocol uses higher protein, low fat and limited carbs for a short amount of time, to put the body into fat-burning mode. Supplements replace some of the nutrients that aren’t derived from food during this stage.

After reaching their goal, trained weight loss coaches help clients phase off slowly by incorporating fewer Ideal Protein foods into the diet. The concepts of food combining are also key to ensure that a healthy lifestyle after the Ideal Protein protocol. For more information go to

2. “my Cool Slim”―Freeze Away Unwanted Fat

Recent Medical Studies including one by Harvard University reveal that cold activates our body’s fat burning systems and is highly effective in burning fat.

Invented by a single mom who liked the science behind the cold sculpting procedures offered at a local clinic, but not the price tag, myCoolSlim offers cold sculpting in a new and effective manner―a specially designed neoprene wrap uses science to freeze and reduce unwanted fat on your body. It's simple, effective, and effortless! Just wrap around your belly, thighs or bottom for 30 minutes each day and watch the fat disappear within weeks. myCoolSlim delivers a safe and effective level of cold to your target areas to naturally reduce fat and is available for $49.99 at

3. “Sport Suds”―Keep Your Workout Gear Sudsy Clean

You have to get those workout clothes clean...and Sport Suds will take out the smell, not just mask it! One try of our eco-friendly Sport Suds and you’ll understand why elite athletes only use this gentle laundry detergent! Starting at $21 at

4. “Suntegrity Skincare”―Don’t get burned while spending time outdoors


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