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Supplement That Controls Blood Sugar and Causes Weight Loss Revealed on Dr. Oz

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Controling blood sugar

On a recent episode of The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz is joined with special guest Julie Chen, M.D. an integrative medicine specialist who says that one supplement she prescribes for her patients not only helps control their blood sugar levels, but causes significant weight loss too.

The supplement Dr. Chen describes to viewers is one that Dr. Oz believes many people have never heard about before―chromium polynicotinate.

“Chromium is actually a trace mineral that we find in foods like vegetables, meats and whole grains,” says Dr. Chen as she points out that chromium polynicotinate is extremely important for regulating blood sugar and balancing our blood sugar from the foods we eat.

Dr. Chen tells viewers that there are 3 reasons why taking chromium polynicotinate is so important:

1. As we grow older our bodies become less able to absorb the nutrients we need, thereby making us nutrient deficient.
2. Increased stress in our lives in this day and age also interferes with nutrient absorption.
3. A high sugar diet not only prevents us from getting the nutrients we need, but also causes what nutrients we do get to wind up lost in our urine.

Dr. Oz adds that up to 90 percent of the population is not getting the amount of chromium they need mostly in part because we eat a diet that is higher in processed white flour products than in whole grain. He explains that white flour comes from whole grain that has been ground up during processing, which in turn removes the chromium rich endosperm (seed) inside the grain. Therefore, what we are really eating with white flour products is primarily starch. Manufacturers treat flour this way because it increases the shelf life of bread.

According to Dr. Chen, this deficiency of nutrients―especially chromium―is responsible for blood sugar disorders and weight gain.

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“Chromium is actually really important for insulin function which is the hormone that you need in your body when you eat food to put the sugar away appropriately,” says Dr. Chen. “So when there’s not enough chromium the insulin isn't functioning optimally. So you get a lot of disregulation and chaos with the sugars, which means that it puts you at a higher risk for things like diabetes, cholesterol heart disease―even weight gain and fat.”

Dr. Oz tells viewers that the increase in weight gain is due to your body responding to increased levels of sugar in your blood by countering it with increased levels of insulin, which in turn causes the excess sugar to be stored away as fat. However, by taking a chromium polynicotinate supplement, the insulin levels are kept down and the sugar is used up by the body rather than stored.

In practice with her patients, Dr. Chen states that she has seen borderline pre-diabetes patients move to a lower risk for diabetes with changes in blood sugar levels from 100 and above, to as low as the eighties by taking a chromium polynicotinate supplement. Furthermore her observations and those of studies looking at the effect of taking supplemental chromium have shown that the added benefit of taking the supplement is that it causes an increase in muscle and a decrease in fat.

“With these patients we’ve seen weight losses of up to 70 pounds over the course of several months,” says Dr. Chen.

The recommended supplement of chromium she recommends is the chromium polynicotinate tablet formulation in doses of 200 micrograms to be taken before or during a meal. However, do not take with medications or other supplements as it may block their absorption into your body. And, if you are diabetic and wanting to take chromium polynicotinate, she recommends that you see your doctor first about adjusting your insulin medication since the chromium polynicotinate will likely affect your insulin levels.

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