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Study Shows Anti-Wrinkle Collagen Pill Really Works

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Anti-wrinkle collagen

In the August 2014 issue of Prevention, readers are alerted to a new anti-wrinkle collagen treatment that research shows actually works as well as - if not better than - most retinoic acid creams. More surprisingly is the fact that this anti-aging agent is not applied directly to the skin; rather, it is taken as a pill. Here is what its researchers have to say about this new anti-wrinkle miracle and what you should look for when buying it.


The problem of many anti-wrinkle collagen pumping products is that not only are they very expensive, but typically only last a few hours to a few days toward plumping up the skin to reduce wrinkling such as these new anti-aging cures for 2014. According to scientists, what is really needed is an anti-wrinkling agent that works from within the body and rebuilds lost collagen.

As the body ages, collagen production in the skin declines significantly leading to not only deep creases and furrows in the skin, but also the collagen cushioning between joints.

Prevention magazine quotes Dr. Steffen Oesser of the Collagen Research Institute in Kiel, Germany who says, “If you lose the collagen structure in your bones, that’s osteoporosis…lose the collagen in your skin, you get wrinkles.”

Dr. Oesser is a co-author of a recent study that showed that ingesting hydrolyzed (broken up) collagen peptides (proteins) of a certain size resulted in significant wrinkle reduction and collagen production in women during clinical trials.

In double-blind, placebo controlled trials, female participants who received the active test agent called “Verisol” were discovered to have achieved a 20% reduction in wrinkle depth around the eyes, and elevated levels of approximately 65% of natural procollagen—the body’s precursor to collagen.

“What’s exciting is that we can directly influence the dermis, the deepest layer of the skin by supplementation…it’s stimulating our own body cells by a natural pathway,” says Dr. Oesser as reported by Prevention writer Christina Mueller.

Although it is not proven as to how Verisol may work, scientists theorize that if the collagen supplement is minced into the right size of fragments that they are then able to enter the bloodstream as bio-active small chains of amino acids and proteins that trigger the skin cells to produce new collagen within the skin’s cellular matrix.

However, not all skin scientists are ready to swallow the study’s results and proposed mechanism of action.

“For collagen fragments to be digested, travel through the digestive tract, and accumulate in the dermis is hard to imagine,” states dermatologist Jennifer Linder quoted in the Prevention article.

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Skeptics point out that they believe that the digestive tract is more likely to dissolve up collagen to such a point that what remains would be bio-inactive and thus unable to target and attach to skin cells to stimulate a response.

Yet, other dermatologists point out that the recent trials are very compelling and could hold true with additional trials and research.

Anti-Wrinkle Products Recommended

So, until more definitive evidence is available, there are formulations containing Verisol and another collagen supplement that are available that you can test for yourself. Prevention magazine offers the following list of products and advice on what to look for:

Anti-Wrinkle Advice: When looking for a collagen supplement, look for those products that list the peptides under the brand names "Verisol" or "BioCell" as these are the only two with supporting research.

Anti-Wrinkle Powder: A powder formulation is available such as a Verisol-added "Reserveage Organics Collagen Replenish" that can be dissolved in water, smoothies or tea.

Anti-Wrinkle Juice: A juice formulation is also available called “Jusuru Liquid BioCell Life Blend" that contains a mix of liquid BioCell collagen, Hyaluronic acid, antioxidant fruit extracts and the popular if not controversial resveratrol.

Anti-Wrinkle Pill: A straight Verisol pill formulation is available as the "Lindberg Skin Rejuvenator" at only $18 for 90 tablets.

For more about anti-wrinkle solutions, here is an informative article about an anti-wrinkle cream that experts say can double the face's ability to repair itself.

Image Source: Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Reference: Prevention August 2014 issue



i have wrinks under eyes.
Stretch marks are most people's concern at the moment, we want them gone.. Not faded. Gone.
This is very educational about anti wrinkles. I did not know collagen products only last a few hours, maybe a few days if it's really good. And they all are quite expensive. I can't help be point one the best anti skin wrinkling things you can do. Drink plenty of water. It cost less, and has many other benefits.
And the link to the study?! or is your only source Prevention?! meh...
Here is the NCBI link: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24401291
Thanks Kathleen! : ^ )
You're welcome. Wasn't sure if you would see. Ahahah let us know if we can help any further.
Wrinkles may occur especially when we grow old. Less collagen results in saggy skin with wrinkles. You can prevent wrinkles naturally. If you can't atleast prefer some natural wrinkle reduction cream like Dermalmd or other naturals.