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Study Reveals an Important Common Food Trend Among Successful Dieters

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Fitness app data explains why some dieters succeed

A new study found that dieters who shared this single important common food trend were more likely to achieve weight loss success.


According to a recent CBS DC news report, the fitness industry sports apparel company Under Armour, recently released a report titled “How to Eat Like a Successful MyFitnessPal User” that reveals a common trend among successful dieters. This report is based on data gleaned from Under Armour’s 150 million users of their fitness tracking app “MyFitnessPal” to determine what dieting trend(s) lead to successful weight loss.

According to a representative of Under Armour about the report, the findings were not what they expected to surface after the data was analyzed.

"One of the big takeaways is that although we thought we might see that people were eating fewer carbohydrates or less fat, we didn’t. We didn’t even see them eating significantly fewer calories," stated Under Armour’s Rebecca Silliman.

So what was the big revelation? It turned out that successful dieters were those who “…ate a lot more fiber—29% more, to be exact. In terms of overall carbs, the successful users ate around the same as the rest of us, but they ate more cereals (17% more), possibly of a fibrous kind,” states the report.

The study also found that successful dieters:

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• Favored nuts and healthful oils, such as avocado oil and coconut oil.
• Ate 10 percent more olive oil.
• Ate 10 percent more yogurt and almonds, but consumed less meat (11 percent less) and eggs (13 percent less).
• Ate lower percentages of grains like bread (9.6 percent less), pasta (12.75 percent less) and cereal (20 percent less).

In spite of the associated success between fiber and weight loss, the study also found that their fiber intake still fell below the daily recommended amount―25 grams for women and 38 grams for men.

The study’s findings are not surprising. To many health experts, adding fiber to your diet to aid weight loss is one recommendation that has been promoted continually. Last year, a study showed that one change that researchers found that worked almost as well toward weight loss as a multi-component plan developed by The American Heart Association, was to just simply add more fiber to a person’s daily diet. The study pointed out that most Americans are eating only about one-sixth of the fiber that they should.


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