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Solve Your Digestive Problems and Lose Belly Fat at the Same Time!

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Digestive Problems

Do you suffer from digestive problems like constipation, bloating and cramping? And, do you want to get rid of some of that belly fat? Well, according to Dr. Oz and his special guest you can solve both your digestive problems and lose belly fat at the same time by eating a special class of superfoods.

“They are a class of superfoods cultivated for centuries that has the power to cleanse toxins and fat from your gut and can boost your immune system at the same time. It’s time to get fermented foods into your diet,” recommends Dr. Oz as he and his special guest nutritionist Heidi Skolnik solve your digestive problems and blast out that belly fat.

“Fermented foods are foods that actually have gone through a process that creates bacteria on them. It’s either bacteria added, or bacteria through the process― and that in of itself helps create healthy bacteria or probiotics that’s good for your gut health,” says Ms. Skolnik.

In previous episodes, Dr. Oz has promoted eating fermented foods as one way to fight belly fat because fermented foods can detox your digestive tract and prevent inflammation that is one of the causes of belly fat development.

To help viewers discover fermented foods that are easily available and good for your gut health, Dr. Oz and Ms. Skolnik reveal the following 3 types of fermented foods and how they can help you have a healthier digestive system:

Gut Busting Fermented Food #1: Raw Sauerkraut and Raw Kimchi

According to Ms. Skolnik, it’s the raw, non-pasteurized forms of sauerkraut and kimchi that you should choose among the fermented foods for solving your digestive problems.

“So, when you go to the supermarket, typically the foods you see bottled or canned are pasteurized. We do that to protect us—it kills all of the bacteria both good and bad,” says Ms. Skolnik. “So, when it’s labeled ‘Raw or Lacto-fermented’ it’s retaining the positive bacteria that we want to help our gut. You have to look for it in the refrigerated sections of health food stores or the supermarket.”

According to Ms. Skolnik, one easy-to-make recipe for integrating raw sauerkraut into your diet is to mix two cups of raw sauerkraut, one small grated carrot, two tablespoons of light olive oil, one teaspoon of Stevia and added pepper to your liking in a small bowl and eat as-is.

Gut Busting Fermented Food #2: Raw Kombucha Tea

“This is a black fermented tea. It’s an acquired taste as well―it’s kind of fizzy and vinegary,” says Ms. Skolnik who tells viewers that like other lacto-fermented foods it works as a probiotic with good bacteria to help the stomach. She explains that the plus (if you can get past the taste) about this fermented food is that it is easy to take on the go when you don’t have time to prepare a fermented food dish.

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Gut Busting Fermented Food #3: Plain Organic Yogurt

According to Dr. Oz, the important thing about eating yogurt for your gut health is to be sure that you are choosing the correct one out of the numerous brands and types available now in supermarkets.

Ms. Skolnik tells viewers that the only way to be sure that you are eating the right kind of yogurt is by reading the label and looking for keywords that identify how the yogurt is made.

“The thing you will want to look for is on the label. You will see that it will say ‘Active, Live Cultures,’ but the two you want to really pay attention to is those that at least have ‘acidophilus and bifidobacterium,’ says Ms. Skolnik referring to specific strains of good bacteria used in the probiotic yogurt culturing process.

According to a webpage on The Dr. Oz Show website, the yogurt you will want for good gut health are those that bear the “Live & Active Culture” (LAC) seal on the container that guarantees that there is at least 100 million bacterial cultures per gram at the time of manufacture of the yogurt.

The two LAC yogurts Dr. Oz recommends are:

1. Chobani 2% strawberry banana: Cultures contained include S. Thermophilus, L. Bulgaricus, L. Acidophilus, Bifidus and L. Casei.

2. Oikos traditional plain: Cultures contained include L. Bulgaricus and S. Thermophilus.

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Reference: The Dr. Oz Show