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Social Media’s Shrinking Star Reveals How She Lost 85 Pounds

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Avoid yo-yo dieting with this advice using social media

Wanting to lose a lot of weight? Here is one woman’s story about how she became social media’s shrinking star as she lost 85 pounds using Instagram.


Many dieters find themselves yo-yoing with their weight loss and weight gain while dieting. According to a recent ABC News report on Good Morning America, one woman dissatisfied with her past yo-yo dieting results turned to social media and made her weight loss attempts open to the public, which she says led to her success in losing 85 pounds.

Here is a video of Good Morning America’s report on 26-year-old Ms. Arielle Calderon’s weight loss success story:

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Arielle’s Tips and Tricks for Weight Loss

Arielle has found that taking a slow and steady route for her weight loss journey is what has helped her finally achieve successful weight loss without the yo-yo effect she experienced before. To help her tackle a slow and steady route she made us of the following tips and tricks:

Tips and Tricks #1: Make sure you are drinking enough water to aid your weight loss—One trick Arielle used was an app called “Plant Nanny” that encourages you to keep track on how much water you drink by checking on the health of a virtual plant that requires periodic “watering” to keep it alive.

Tips and Tricks #2: Increase your amount of physical activity—Arielle uses her Apple Watch to help keep track of how much exercise she is getting daily and then modifies her activity level to meet daily goals toward burning calories.

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Tips and Tricks #3: Focus on good food choices—Using Weight Watchers to guide her food choices, Arielle was able to balance her calories in with her calories burned so that she did not feel food deprived as she had with her earlier failed dieting attempts.

Tips and Tricks #4: Accountability can keep you on track with your weight loss journey—Arielle put herself under public scrutiny―and support―by using Instagram as a way to use social media to help her with her weight loss. By posting an Instagram diary, Arielle amassed over 50,000 followers who followed her journey and cheered her on during both her successes and her setbacks.

Tips and Tricks #5: Take the stairs rather than the elevator—Who needs a stair master when you already have a stair stepping source in your own apartment or workplace.

Tips and Tricks #6: Stand rather than sit—Although it was recently contested whether there is a direct health benefit from increasing your time standing more and sitting less at work, building those leg muscles with the effort of standing does lead to building more leg muscle and eventually more calorie burn.

Tips and Tricks #7: Focus on small goals and celebrate non-scale victories—Focusing too much on what the number reads on your scale can be discouraging. However, a recent study showed that using the bathroom scale the correct way as a tool for self-weighing and visual feedback can be a useful strategy to help dieters achieve significant weight loss.

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Image from Good Morning America news video