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Smoking Alcohol for Weight Loss May Prematurely Age Women

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Smoking, alcohol and premature aging

Can you drink and still lose weight? According to a new trend referred to as “Smoking Alcohol” - a method in which a person can inhale the vapors of an alcoholic drink and get a quick alcohol high without the calories - many subscribe to this new way of imbibing without worrying about gaining weight and actually helping them lose weight.

“Smoking Alcohol - you don’t drink the booze, you inhale it. And the vapors give you an instant high without a hangover. And that’s not all; smoking alcohol promises that you can drink and still lose weight,” says Dr. Oz who tells viewers that little is known about what effects this can have on the body, but reports that experts believe this trend of smoking alcohol can turn deadly.

Because so little is known about this new trend that has taken the internet and social media by storm, Dr. Oz decides to try smoking alcohol out for himself to see if it really works and discover how it feels to smoke alcohol.

Alcohol smoking devices referred to as “Vaportinis” are available online and typically consist of a heating glass to heat the alcohol topped with a globe that holds the alcohol and traps the vapors above it. A straw is inserted in a small hole near the top of the globe that allows a person to suck in and inhale the trapped vapors. Essentially, this is nothing more than a simple distillation apparatus that boils off the ethyl alcohol into a concentrated vapor form leaving the congeners and calories behind.

On TV, Dr. Oz demonstrated taking a shot of vodka and inhaling its vapors through such a vaportina apparatus.

“When you inhale it into your lungs you feel the effect almost immediately,” says Dr. Oz after taking a few inhalations through a glass straw. “I feel tipsy, a little spinny.”

With just a few puffs of one ounce of vaporized vodka, Dr. Oz took a Breathalyzer test and was already over the legal limit for alcohol consumption. Furthermore, coordination tests confirmed that his balance and coordination were impaired, and texting proved to be challenging.

“What thrilled me about this little experiment I did was how fast I got a buzz, but also how fast it wore off,” says Dr. Oz who explains to viewers that the idea behind smoking alcohol is that it gives you what is referred to as “a controlled buzz.”

Dr. Oz explains that a controlled buzz is one in which you have a sense of controlling the process of intoxication as your lung and brain reacts to a puff or two of vaporized alcohol in an almost cyclic period of feeling the effects of alcohol go up and down in approximately 10 minute intervals. After each cycle, a repeated puff is required to cycle again while socializing with friends.

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However, the biggest plus to imbibing in alcohol in this way is that it results in not only avoiding a hangover when you wake up in the morning, but according to two female guests on the show helped them lose weight. As a result, the smoking alcohol trend has been particularly focused on women in its popularity.

But is this trend safe? Dr. Oz tells viewers that some experts believe that smoking alcohol can lead to more cases of alcohol poisoning. Their reason behind believing this is that when you drink too much alcohol, your body reacts by vomiting—it’s a protective mechanism of sorts. But, when you inhale too much alcohol, it’s trapped in your lungs and thereby in your bloodstream very quickly. Therefore, there is no way for you to expel the excess alcohol that can reach dangerous levels almost immediately.

With Dr. Oz is special guest Dr. Brad Lamm, an addiction expert who has been monitoring the trend in alcohol smoking. Dr. Lamm points out that part of the problem of smoking alcohol is that just one shot of vaporized alcohol can have the same affect and much quicker (depending on your body size) of 5 alcoholic drinks; and therefore, it is difficult for people to gauge how much they’ve had.

“It’s a big concern for me because I’ve talked with other experts too around the country and what they are seeing, even to the extent of emergency room visits. And what they are seeing in real life and in real emergency situations is that they are seeing more people come in with alcohol poisoning because you are not able to puke it up,” says Dr. Lamm.

Dr. Lamm also points out that women in particular are susceptible to the dangers of alcohol smoking.

“Women are prone to addiction and overdose and dependency―more than men anyway―and this just seems like such a slippery slope,” says Dr. Lamm. “There’s no research to tell us what this is going to do to our lungs. What’s going to happen to you in the long term?”

One possibility―but highly likely due to increased alcohol in the blood and thereby increased exposure to the biggest organ in the body (your skin)―is that smoking alcohol will lead to premature aging of women's skin.

Dr. Oz ends the topic by telling viewers that he is concerned that smoking alcohol can lead to abuse that is harmful to the body.

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Image Source: The Dr. Oz Show

Reference: The Dr. Oz Show