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Small, Smart Steps Resulted in Loss of Half of This Dr. Oz Fan's Weight

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Dr. Oz Weight Loss

Small, smart steps - that’s the common sense weight loss secret of Dr. Oz fan Becky Cutright as told by Oz-writer Loren Mooney in the August/September issue of Dr. Oz - The Good Life.

Weighing 270 pounds a little over 18 months ago —the result of years of Chinese buffets, jars of Nutella, and a daily morning 32-ounce cup of soda, Becky came to her final realization one day at work after finding herself struggling and nearly unable to climb just 2 flight of stairs. It was a life-changing moment between labored, gasping breaths where she said to herself, “I’m only 26 years old, and if I don’t do something, this will end my life.”

Becky Cutright is a true inspiration for those who have tried everything under the sun to lose weight, but were unable to stick to any one plan or goal. She too had difficulty sticking to previous attempts at losing weight. But today, she is only half her top weight just over a year and a half ago when she realized that she was the kind of person who needed to take small, smart steps slowly in order to reach any kind of goal.

Those small, smart steps were motivated by her personal mantra—“Do something that Future Becky would thank you for.” And as a first step, she replaced her morning 32-ounce soda with flavored sparkling water.

Once Becky found that this was a small step she could stick to, she then added a second step, followed by a third, a fourth, etc., resulting in a weight loss of 50 pounds in 8 short months. Examples of those steps included:

• Choosing a healthy portion of quinoa in place of pasta

• Replacing regular butter with walnut butter

• Substituting white flour with pureed black beans in her brownies

However, after the first 50 pounds were lost, Becky hit the same plateau many dieters discover where the weight loss stops even though you are maintaining what worked up until then.

It was then that she decided to add exercise and made her next small steps literally with small steps while jogging with a friend with the goal of gradually building up to a fitness level where they could do a 5K together. After 3 months, her added exercise paid off with weight loss that continued and the success of finishing her first 5K run.

As she crossed that finish line, Becky is quoted as thinking to herself, “The old Becky, if she was even awake by now, would be having half a box of sugary cereal and watching TV.”

After that first 5K run, she continued to run several times a week and by the time she had reached 18 months from the time she made her first small step toward weight loss, she had reached half of her original starting weight. As a show of what this meant physically, Becky tried out her “old Becky” wedding dress and discovered that it would fit both her and a bridesmaid at the same time. (Before and after photos of Becky in her wedding dress are shown in the August/September issue of Dr. Oz—The Good Life.)

To help others lose weight too, Becky offers the following slim-down strategies that helped her lose weight:

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Slim-Down Strategy #1: Food Swaps

Becky credits getting ideas for simple food swaps through Pinterest and mywholefood.com. Her choices include:

• Greek yogurt in place of sour cream

• Mashed cauliflower instead of white potatoes

• Dried fruit instead of sugar

Slim-Down Strategy #2: Bold Flavors

Spices not only liven up taste, but help raise metabolism as well. Her recommendations include cinnamon on oatmeal, and smoked paprika and curry on vegetables.

Slim-Down Strategy #3: Listen to your body

At the first sign of a rumbling stomach, treat it with a glass of water first in case you are not really hungry just yet.

Slim-Down Strategy #4: 60 seconds
If you want to take up running, start slow by giving it only 60 seconds on your first try. Becky tells readers that’s how she did it, and today can now run much longer.

Slim-Down Strategy #5: Be positive

Focus on something positive like on how you had just finished a healthy meal, and don’t beat yourself up if you have a small setback.

For more good advice on weight loss and healthy habits to help you achieve your goals, check out the August/September issue of Dr. Oz—The Good Life. And, to get started on your own small, smart steps, click on this Oz advice on his 5 rules to lose 10 pounds.

Image Source: Courtesy of PhotoBucket

Reference: Dr. Oz—The Good Life, August/September 2014 issue