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Skinny Jeans and Spanx Warning for Women Who Want to Look Thin

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Skinny Jeans and spanx warning

There’s nothing wrong with dressing to look as thin as possible. However, when you squeeze into those skinny jeans or your favorite Spanx, when is tight too tight? Here is a recent warning for women who want to look thin about what you should especially not be doing while wearing constrictive clothing.


In a recent report on CBS News, a 35-year-old Australian woman found herself physically unable to walk after spending a day wearing her skinny jeans. Physicians who treated her discovered that she was suffering from compartment syndrome—a condition where there is increased pressure within one of the body's compartments or extremities that results in loss of function and possible permanent damage to muscles and nerves.

In the Australian woman’s case, her onset of this syndrome was due to her skinny jeans essentially acting like a tourniquet causing not only compression damage to major nerves in her legs, but also preventing normal blood flow to her extremities after a day of doing squats by lifting boxes while helping a family member move.

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However, according to CBS News, wearing clothing that is too restrictive can result in compartment syndrome even if you are not exercising or moving around a lot. A few cases have been observed of women complaining of painful numbness, tingling and paresthesia in their legs that abated after changing into looser fitting clothing.

Furthermore, other types of overly constrictive clothing such as wearing too tight of a bra can literally strangle your breasts. And more recently, dieters have been warned that wearing waist trainers for weight loss can result in damaged tissue and bone when these corset-like garments are laced too tightly for too long.

And for cyclists out there—especially the guys—wearing too tight of shorts and riding too heavily on the saddle can result in some genital tingling that could be a warning sign of impending impotence due to prolonged and frequent trauma to nerves in the perineum. Fortunately, a new bicycle seat design just may save that sex life.

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