Six Tips to Avoid Weight Gain During Halloween

Halloween weight gain tips

Weight gain during Halloween strikes more fear in the hearts (and guts) of dieters than zombies, ghouls or late night thigh master infomercials. The temptation to sneak a snack while handling out the goodies to little monsters can be thwarted, however, by sticking to six simple tips to avoid weight gain during this Halloween season.

According to an article written by Kara Smith, a special project coordinator for the Loyola Center for Fitness, weight gain from eating too much candy does not have to be the scariest part of your Halloween. A summary of six tips she offers to fend off the bulgey monster is listed as follows:

Tip #1: Buy candy just before Halloween and buy only candy that you do not like.

Tip #2: Do not buy chocolate or chocolate-flavored candies.

Tip #3: Eat a full healthy meal before heading out the door (or while manning the door) when the kids are trick or treating.


Tip #4: Chew a sweet sugarless gum during trick or treating to curb your sweet tooth.

Tip #5: Keep the candy wrappers (preferably in your hand) to remind you just how much candy you ate when you couldn’t resist that “just one” temptation.

Tip #6: At the end of the night, put the candy out of sight and set limits as to how much is allowed per day (or week) until it’s all gone.

However, if having candy around is just too much temptation, Ms. Smith also offers alternatives that make for a healthful and happy Halloween for both adults and kids. She suggests handing out the following items in place of candy:

• Microwave popcorn
• Sugarless gum
• Halloween pencils
• Stickers or temporary tattoos
• Boxes of raisins
• Packages of instant cocoa mix
• 100 calorie packs of snacks

Source: Loyola University Health System

Image credit: Morguefile


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