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6 Easy Tips on Eating Less

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Easy Tips on Eating Less

These tips on how to eat less are related or relevant to the article EmaxHealth published a few days ago based on a study from the University of Cambridge.


They promote the article's point of understanding why people overeat and how this can be remedied. The article looked at the validity of smaller plate size, shape of glassware and size of eating utensils that previous research suggests could help prevent overeating and that determined that to a degree these points are valid.

However, their ultimate conclusion was to suggest that ways to avoid the temptation of overeating is to impose regulations that would make portion sizes smaller in restaurants and remove the marketing practice of making it more economical to buy food in bulk or large packaging as opposed to buying food in smaller containers.

So, in short, I believe that the tips are relevant to the article since it addressed overeating and whether personal eating habits regarding dinnerware make a difference. These following tips are a supplement to the study about what steps dieters can take to help themselves avoid overeating.

Eat Soup
Eating soup―preferably clear soup broth―15 minutes before every meal will help curb your appetite and make portion control much easier when you begin to add food to your dinner plate.

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Small Snacks
Choose snacks that come in tiny portion packs rather than a large bag. Allowing yourself a single prepackaged snack prevents “just one more chip” temptation.

Slice up the food on your plate before you sit down to eat. Doing so provides your subconscious with a visual cue of a fuller-appearing plate.

Gauge Your Fullness
On a scale of one to ten, gauge how empty (or full) you are before reaching for that next bite, and stop once you’ve reached a five or a six.

Keep a Log
Keeping a log of everything you eat—as you eat―helps train you on how to become mindful of what you put on your plate and in your mouth.

Turn off TV, Phone and Computer
Avoid all distractions like TV, texting, reading, etc. during every meal so that you will take the time to actually savor every bite and feel fuller while eating less.

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