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Scientific Video Journal Shows How to Make a Healthy Cigarette

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A scientific video journal that shows how to make a healthy cigarette provides an online video of the step-by-step process scientists recently used in creating a healthy cigarette. The video journal is the brainchild of the Journal of Visualized Experiments known as JoVE, which not only allows scientists to see how their peers performed an experiment, but also succeeds in bringing the lab bench to the public. Included with this article is a link to the scientific video journal that shows how to make a healthy cigarette and the surprising two key ingredients from your grocer that makes the cigarette healthy.

Although Emaxhealth does not promote or encourage smoking, we do bring health-related news from a wide range of sources so that readers can make informed and educated decisions about their personal health care. As such, the video journal article that shows how to make a healthy cigarette is just one of many articles involving health care issues.

The Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE), which is advertised as the first scientific video journal for biological, medical, chemical and physical research, is an online research journal that employs visualization to increase reproducibility and transparency in academic, private and governmental research.

The value of this scientific video journal is that it addresses two of the biggest challenges faced by today's life science research community:
• Low transparency and poor reproducibility of biological experiments
• Time and labor-intensive nature of learning new experimental techniques

As an example of how JoVE defeats these challenges can be seen in a free online video that reveals the step-by-step process of how scientists have figured out how to make a cigarette healthy.

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Cigarette smoking is the cause of numerous serious medical conditions that contributes singularly to ill health and death more than anything else in the world. The latest information on smoking and the tobacco industry can be found in the book “Golden Holocaust: Origins of the Cigarette Catastrophe and the Case for Abolition”—a comprehensive look at the abuses of the tobacco industry and how it is literally killing off America written by Stanford Historian Professor Robert Proctor, an expert and outspoken critic on the tobacco industry.

The dangers of smoking are primarily associated with free-radical containing carcinogens that are delivered directly from a burning cigarette to a smoker’s mouth, trachea and lungs. To lessen the free radical exposure, researchers have searched for ways to filter cigarettes. The filtering of harmful carcinogens in cigarette smoke is particularly poignant in men as recent research shows that cigarette smoking is linked to prostate cancer.

Today, the need for a filter to make a relatively safer and “healthy” cigarette may be here as researchers from Cornell University recently report that they may have found a way to make cigarette smoking less toxic.

As demonstrated in JoVE’s scientific video journal that shows how to make a healthy cigarette, scientists have found that using a natural antioxidant extract from grape seeds and lycopene that is commonly found in tomatoes can be used in cigarette filters to significantly reduce the cancer-causing free radicals in cigarette smoke.

According to a news statement about the findings, "The implications of this technique can help reduce the hazardous effects of tobacco smoke," said Dr. Boris Dzilkovski, who co-authored the paper, "because free radicals are a major group of carcinogens."

"Practically, this research could lead to an alternative type of cigarette filter with a free radical scavenging additive," said Kolski-Andreaco, JoVE Content Director, concurring with Dr. Dzilkovski’s views. "It could lead to a less harmful cigarette."

Long-Xi Yu, Boris G. Dzikovski, Jack H. Freed. A Protocol for Detecting and Scavenging Gas-phase Free Radicals in Mainstream Cigarette Smoke. Journal of Visualized Experiments, 2012; (59) DOI: 10.3791/3406



In my opinion, "healthy cigarette" is an oxymoron. The health impact of smoking is indisputable: lung cancer, COPD, and cardiovascular disease.
I agree, but it's still kinda cool how they did this.
I agree, but what can we do? Personally, I believe that smokers are weak in multiple ways. Why should my tax dollars go toward their health care when the message about the dangers of cigarette smoking have been around for years! Smokers need to get a grip on reality and the unfair burden they place on healthcare.
That's because smokers ARE morons--it's a no brainer that smoking kills and yet---they still keep puffing away. One more nail in their coffins.
It is an oxymoron, but smoking is so addictive. It's not easy to stop. Look at obesity - food intake is hard to curb also. Do people want heart disease and diabetes?