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Reverse Your Aging with a Breakthrough Anti-Aging Lifestyle Plan from The Dr. Oz Show

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On the most recent new episode this summer of The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz tells viewers how that a new lifestyle-based anti-aging plan is about to change the bodies and lives of many women.

“Can you actually make your body younger from the inside out with only simple lifestyle changes?” asks Dr. Oz, as he tells viewers that after following 3 female volunteers over a 3-month period on a new anti-aging plan, that he found that the answer to his question is a resounding “Yes!”

With Dr. Oz is special guest Dean Ornish, MD president and founder of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute who believes that lifestyle changes can change what is going on with the DNA that is involved in the aging process.

“After 30 years of research what we’ve found is that the more you change your lifestyle, the more you improve,” says Dr. Ornish as he explains that as you change your lifestyle, you are also changing your genes by turning off the bad genes and turning on the good genes. Most significantly, he states that we can actually lengthen the ends of our chromosomes at regions referred to as “telomeres.”

Telomeres he explains are likened to the little plastic ends to a shoe lace that prevents the lace from unraveling. With telomeres, however, those ends get worn away with aging which then leads to aging of the cell the DNA is in. With the right lifestyle changes, he says that you can actually reverse the aging process by lengthening rather than shortening the telomeres on the ends of your DNA.

The idea of telomere lengthening came to Dr. Ornish from earlier research that showed that women who are under constant stress tend to have DNA with shorter telomeres. This finding lead Dr. Ornish to ask the question, “If stress can make telomeres shorter, then can good things make them longer?” As a result of this question, Dr. Ornish states that his subsequent research has shown that making positive lifestyle changes can indeed make your telomeres longer and thereby reverse the aging process from within.

“Within the blueprint of our body is the DNA. And that DNA is the genetic code tells us who we are and how old we are,” adds Dr. Oz who demonstrates with a model of a double stranded DNA molecule that the telomeres protecting the ends of the DNA are like burning fuses that are lit by stresses from everyday living. As the stress continues, the telomeres burn away, leaving the ends of the DNA exposed, which then ages the cells―and hence your body. However, if those telomeres could be induced to grow back, then the aging process would be reversed and the cell becomes much healthier.

To test this idea of reversing aging by stopping the regression of the telomeres and inducing new growth, Dr. Oz enlisted some female participants to enter Dr. Ornish’s anti-aging program for 3 months that focused on removing the major aging stressors from their lives. His plan consists of four specific areas:

1. What we eat

2. How we deal with emotional stress

3. How much motion and movement we get

4. How much love and intimacy we have

Of the enlisted volunteers, three were brought on stage with their testimonies about their feelings about the program and how they felt, along with the results of their telomere tests from a biotech company as well as a few other health factors. The results are as follows:

Participant #1: 6% increase in telomere length, 21% decrease in cholesterol and a 13 point decrease in triglycerides.

Participant #2: 11% increase in telomere length, a C-reactive (stress) protein decrease of 76%, and a loss of 14 pounds including 2 inches in the waist and hips.

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Participant #3: 15% increase in telomere length, a decrease in blood sugar that got her off her 4-times daily insulin injections and a blood pressure drop of 138/92 to 118/86.

All three women testified that they have never felt better since they started the anti-aging program and were very pleased with the results it had on their overall health.

The Anti-Aging Plan That You Can Follow

The anti-aging plan the 3 participants were on that resulted in such phenomenal results on The Dr. Oz Show came from Dr. Ornish’s book “The Spectrum: A scientifically proven program to feel better, live longer, lose weight and gain health.” Listed below are just a few components Dr. Ornish revealed on The Dr. Oz Show from his book of what his anti-aging plan entails:

Anti-aging Plan component #1: Start eating right

Putting the concept of a spectrum to eating right, Dr. Ornish divides a variety of foods across a spectrum of least-healthy to most-healthy. The goal of the individual is transition. Rather than go into an abstinence type diet that is prone to failure, he recommends learning to focus your meals by moving up one healthy group along the spectrum relative to your normal food group to get you on the path of eating right. As time goes on and you become adjusted to eating from that group, then you will be ready to move up another group closer toward the most healthy food groups along his spectrum.

Anti-aging Plan component #2: The more you move, the more you improve

Rather than focus on goals like walking 2 miles at a time or staying on the treadmill for an hour, Dr. Ornish recommends making the transition to moving more by incorporating little things that can add up and make a difference. Examples he gives include such activities as taking up pacing every time you are on the phone, or choosing to carry your groceries in bags rather than using a shopping cart to wheel around in.

Anti-aging Plan component #3: Act mindfully

Acting mindfully means paying attention to what you are doing at the moment in regards to food. Dr. Ornish’s example is that rather than snack mindlessly on a bag of popcorn or chips that is entirely eaten without much satisfaction―but a lot of calories―is to instead take one piece and use all of your senses to savor it for as long as you can before finally chewing it and then swallowing. Doing this, he states, will lead to eating less throughout the day.

“You get more pleasure with fewer calories,” says Dr. Ornish.

Anti-aging Plan component #4: Don’t do it alone—be with others

The most important component of the plan according to Dr. Ornish and backed up by the 3 participants, is that of community. Dr. Ornish believes that time spent with loved ones can do more for fighting aging than anything else as he refers to studies that have shown that people who live alone and are unhappy are the ones who tend to age quicker and die sooner. His recommendation is to include others in what you are doing and learning to share how you feel and discovering what is really important in your life.

You can find more about Dr. Ornish’s anti-aging program from his book titled “The Spectrum: A scientifically proven program to feel better, live longer, lose weight and gain health.” And to read an additional Dr. Oz-related article about how to have younger looking skin, click-on the titled link “Dr. Oz: How to Make Your Skin Look 7 Years Younger in Just 7 Weeks.

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