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Revenge Surgery - Dr. Oz Weighs in on Lifting Breasts After Divorce

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In a recent episode of The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz reveals to viewers a new trend in what is referred to as “revenge surgery” where women will go to plastic surgeons that offer "second-chapter" discount plastic surgery packages following a divorce. The question, however, is will lifting a woman’s breasts really raise her spirits; or, are some plastic surgeons just exploiting vulnerable women for their money?


“Women across the country are going under the knife as a drastic way to get back at their ex-husbands,” says Dr. Oz as he reveals what he considers to be a disturbing trend fueled by cosmetic surgeons with lucrative plastic surgery packages for recently divorced women. “Disturbing” says Dr. Oz because it is during a time that a woman is most vulnerable and health professionals agree that it is not the time in a life where a woman should be making big irreversible decisions.

With Dr. Oz are special guests Dr. Brent Moelleken and Dr. Michael Niccole, both cosmetic surgeons who offer special deals for divorced women and believe that a scalpel can mend a broken heart.

“I think that plastic surgery helps people feel more self-confident. When they leave and look fabulous―what’s wrong with that?” asks Dr. Moelleken.

“Some of these patients have self-esteem that is as low as it can go,” says Dr. Niccole. “I know that I can improve their self-image.”

Dr. Moelleken explains that providing divorced women with discounts of anywhere from 15% to 25% for packaged deals that tackle the face, the breasts, the tummy and the butt is not as commercial as it sounds. He tells Dr. Oz that when women go through a divorce, they find many aspects of their lives in a shambles―they may not be taking care of themselves as they should, they are not exercising, they are eating the wrong foods and they often do not like the way they look. His service is to first get women back on track to a healthier lifestyle, and then introduce the benefits of cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Oz points out that having cosmetic surgery after a divorce is referred to as “revenge surgery” and asks Dr. Niccole how often he sees women coming to him for plastic surgery as revenge against their ex-husband.

“Too often, probably,” says Dr. Niccole. “I think that you need to take each individual and analyze them. You can’t have surgery on somebody that’s just been divorced at 6 months or 3 months,” says Dr. Niccole. “It’s a process we go through with them―whether they have to see one of our psychiatrists or a psychologist―absolutely. But to be prepared, they are at the bottom of the barrel, they are at the bottom of their lives, their self-esteem, their self-image is at low as it can be,” says Dr. Niccole as he argues that he finds no problem with their services as a violation of ethics.

Dr. Oz tells viewers that after surveying 50 cosmetic surgical clinics across the U.S., he found that in fact up to 19% of those cosmetic clinics offer discounted packaged services for divorced women.

However, special guest Dr. Alicia Salzer, an MD and psychiatrist, believes that cosmetic surgery centers offering these kinds of deals specifically for divorced women are not ethical at all.

”I think that they are not only taking advantage of women, I think that it is downright sleazy,” says Dr. Salzer as she elaborates on how that following a divorce, a woman is both emotionally and financially vulnerable to such practices and to pressure from a plastic surgeon who begins to list all the things wrong with her body that he can fix.

Dr. Moelleken argues that this conception of how they operate is wrong―that they do not operate on women who have just recently been divorced. Rather, that they take the time to investigate the mindset and motivations of the patient before “jumping to the knife.”

But to Dr. Salzer, this investigating the motivation and mindset of a divorced woman looking for a new body and new beginning is not only in reality just lip service to mask medical marketing, but fails to recognize what advertising a discount for women who are divorced really means.

“What worries me is that I feel like it’s reinforcing an aspect of us as women that’s not the aspect we should be playing up at the moment of divorce,” says Dr. Salzer. “After a divorce, we woman are overly focused on the physical for pathological reasons. We wonder why our sex life faded with our ex. We wonder who our ex is going to be with next, and we imagine her skinnier and younger. We imagine ourselves dating again and having to be naked and sexual with new people―and this is terrifying. And for all these reasons we focus on the physical…I feel like this whole process really puts too much emphasis on the physical as the reason why things went wrong and the reason why things will go right.”

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In spite of claims by Dr. Moelleken and Dr. Niccole that they have thousands of divorced clients who have benefitted and are happier after having had plastic surgery, Dr. Oz points out that not everyone seeking revenge though cosmetic surgery finds happiness afterward. Dr. Oz briefly introduces one woman who after her divorce went through plastic surgery to achieve a bikini-perfect body only to discover that it was the worst mistake of her life that left her feeling bitter rather than better.

Dr. Oz tells viewers that some say the best advice for revenge is to not get mad, but get even. And, if you do choose to have your revenge that you should at least do it in a healthy way rather than resort to measures that are irreversible. To help divorced women find alternative ways that are constructive when getting even with their ex, Dr. Oz lists Dr. Salzer’s recommendations for 3 alternatives to cosmetic surgery as way to get even with an ex-husband:

Revenge alternative #1: Go Public

By going public, Dr. Salzer is not necessarily recommending that you go out and tell the world what a slime ball your ex-husband is, but rather to take this as an opportunity to meet and connect with a wide range of people through Facebook, social media and other venues and make new friends as a support net to make your life easier and to help you feel better about yourself with people who actually care about you.

“This is a time to celebrate the YOU that you were before your marriage,” says Dr. Salzer.

Revenge alternative #2: Make one drastic reversible change

Dr. Salzer recommends that a good way to make that change that you may feel you are in need of is to do one that is not permanent like plastic surgery, but one that is reversible such as adopting a new hair style or clothing style. She explains that this can be good for a person as people tend to get stuck in a rut with marriage and would otherwise never have made any personal changes.

Revenge alternative #3: Pick a tangible goal

“The number one thing you need to believe after a divorce is that there is going to be a second act―that you can be the architect of your life,” says Dr. Salzer. “You need to believe that you can get yourself from point A to point B, and the best way to prove that to yourself is to set small goals and achieve them. This is the time to take that pottery class or do something that was you before your relationship.”

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