Restrictive Dieting Put to the Test

Restrictive dieting does work, but...

Have you considered trying any of the restrictive diets for losing weight? Here’s what one news journalist found after 3 weeks on 3 different restrictive diets he put to the test.


According to a recent Today episode, NBC’s Kenny Sanders decided to give three types of restrictive diets a try to see if this kind of diet--popular with celebrities--is realistic for non-celebrity type of folk as well.

Here’s how one dieter put himself through 10 different diet plans in 50 days and lost 25 pounds.

The three diets tested:

1. The 5:2 Diet―where a dieter eats normally for 5 days and then spends the next two eating 600 calories or less per day.

2. The Alternate Days Diet―where a dieter alternates daily between eating normally and eating 600 calories or less.

3. The Time-Restrictive Diet―where a dieter only eats between the hours of 12 noon to 8 p.m.


Here’s the Today video about the diet test

The Results of the Diet Testing

After three weeks Mr. Sanders benefitted with a 10-pound cumulative weight loss with each of the three types of diets contributing roughly equal to the total. What Mr. Sanders found was that while effective, these types of diets made for a tough three weeks.

Aside from losing weight, the benefits of this type of dieting led to lower blood sugar levels, fewer calories consumed, a habit of mindful eating and healthier eating. However, there are also some cons that can manifest such as binging on food on your non-fasting days, experiencing low energy with crankiness; and, discovering that this kind of dieting is hard to maintain.

The Verdict

Even with the help of NBC nutritionist Joy Bauer to design those 600 calorie or less days the verdict is that although you can lose weight with this type of dieting, it’s really not very realistic for most dieters.

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Reference: NBC Today―”Cutting the fat: Does restrictive dieting work?”