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Restore Your Damaged Hair with 3 Drugstore Deals

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Restoring damaged hair

Does the cost of repairing your frizzy hair leave you feeling frazzled? Discover now how to restore your damaged hair with these 3 drugstore deals recommended by Dr. Oz and his hair expert special guest who focus on simple everyday hair problems rather than the more complex hair woes of treating baldness and grey hair.

“Is your pretty hair costing you a pretty penny? Today, we are giving you the look you want without the salon expense,” says Dr. Oz as he introduces hair expert Tabitha Coffey as together they reveal how to restore your hair with drugstore deals.

According to Ms. Coffey the secret behind repairing your damaged hair is knowing how to properly diagnose your hair problems.

“Women sometimes misdiagnose their hair. You really need to know what to look for and what’s wrong with your hair that helps you zero in on the product that you are actually looking for and that you need,” says Ms. Coffey who also tells viewers that money is not an issue since there are products out there that fit every pocketbook and do the job needed for your hair repair.

Hair Drugstore Deal #1: Nature’s Cure Keratin Conditioner

For dry hair that is really thick and coarse that is subject to frizzing, women need a product that is going to smoothen the hair and help it lay down nicely. Ms. Coffey recommends treating it with a keratin conditioner such as Nature’s Cure Keratin Conditioner that can be found in drugstores at a very reasonable price.

“It’s going to add moisture into the hair. It’s also going to make the hair strong. It’s going to fortify the hair and put a barrier on the outside to smooth it down and take out any frizz,” says Ms. Coffee.

Pitting two keratin conditioners against each other that differ in price by as much as 10-fold, one Dr. Oz guest reported to viewers that she could not find any difference between how well the more expensive keratin conditioner from a salon worked over the much cheaper drugstore brand keratin conditioner.

Hair Drugstore Deal #2: Fragrance-free Dryer Sheets

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According to Ms. Coffey, another drugstore solution for treating frizzy hair for women who have hair that is much finer in diameter than those with the aforementioned coarse hair is to use fragrance-free dryer sheets.

“Dryer sheets are amazing because they can help take the frizz out, but also take the static away that especially happens with fine hair,” says Ms. Coffey.

Ms. Coffey explains that because dryer sheets become activated by heat and friction when in a dryer, that you have to rub a sheet between your hands to build up some warmth to activate the fibers and then rub your hands into your hair to achieve proper application.

Hair Drugstore Deal #3: Velcro Rollers

For women who suffer from flat hair and desire a more full-bodied look, Ms. Coffey recommends using Velcro rollers to plump-up flat hair.

Although using Velcro rollers is not new, Ms. Coffey points out that it is one of those proven tricks for great hair that gets forgotten over time.

“Velcro rollers are fantastic. You put them in dry hair and they work so easy and fast,” says Ms. Coffey who explains that Velcro rollers are for women who want to give their flat hair some lift, but without the curl.

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Reference: The Dr. Oz Show