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ReShape Your Body with a New Version of a Non-Surgical Weight Loss Aid

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Dual balloon weight loss aid

Are you looking for the latest non-surgical weight loss aid to help you lose weight? As it turns out, there’s a new version of the gastric balloon that may work better.


Within the past year, there have been numerous reports about a relatively new non-surgical weight loss procedure that involves endoscopically inserting a small, soft silicon balloon in its deflated state down the esophagus and into the stomach while under mild sedation. After which, the gastric balloon is inflated with either air or sterile saline.

The purpose of the inflated balloon is to decrease the free space available for food while eating; and thereby, provide a feeling of fullness without the extra calories from food. The benefit of this method is that unlike the more typical gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy methods, the patients do not have to go under the knife and undergo permanent surgical alteration of their digestive tract.

According to NBC affiliate station WRCB News, the newest version of the “gastric balloon procedure” uses not just one balloon―but two! The new device is designed for those who are 30 to 90 pounds overweight and would like to avoid resorting to invasive bariatric surgery.

So, why two balloons over one? According to the ReShape website, having two balloons allows not only more saline to in injected and thereby occupy more space within the stomach and make you feel satisfied longer, but will also “…more comfortably conform to the shape of your stomach.”

The use of a dual gastric balloon system has been researched and was found to be significantly more effective than diet and exercise in causing weight loss according to the official journal of the American Society of Bariatric Surgery. Furthermore, the procedure was found to have few side effects.

The procedure takes only about 20 minutes and is done on an out-patient basis without loss from work or undue pain and recovery. However, NBC News reports that the first month of carrying the dual gastric balloon aid can be an adjustment, with some patients experiencing nausea and vomiting.

Patients who opt for the new gastric balloon procedure will also benefit from a year-long personalized coaching program that will focus on healthy eating, exercise and lifestyle habits to maximize your success—a significant perk due to that the balloons are removed from the stomach within six months and thereby provides the patient with follow-up care and advice once off the balloons.

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