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This Rapid Weight Loss Story is a Warning to Others

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In spite of what you may see or hear on the news, in some cases rapid weight loss is something to be worried about rather than to cheer about. Case in point, here’s one woman’s rapid weight loss story that is a warning to others.


According to a recent news story from India Today, England-based mother-of-one, Sophie Cox found herself with an inexplicable condition—despite being pregnant, she continued to lose weight at a rapid rate.

Describing her condition to South West News Service, "By October 2015, I couldn't eat without vomiting and my stomach would swell up. I'd lost 84 pounds in two years and dropped six dress sizes, taking me to a size 12."

The news report explained how her condition continued to mystify her doctors who attempted to diagnosis her weight loss and abdominal pain as due to potential medical conditions such as gall bladder disease and cancer. But nothing was definite until they took a look inside her stomach and discovered she was carrying a nearly 14-pound hairball in her stomach that was preventing her from digesting food and absorbing nutrients normally—hence her rapid weight loss.

As it turns out, this hairball had been building over a period of several years during which time Ms. Cox had been suffering from both trichotillomania and trichophagia. Trichotillomania is a condition where a person develops the habit of pulling at their hair so hard while feeling stressed that the hairs come out. Trichophagia is a condition where a person then eats the hairs they pull from their head.

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According to India Today, the 23-year-old was left "speechless" after seeing the scan, adding, "The specialist hadn't seen anything like it in 30 years. It was too big to break down in my stomach, leaving me malnourished and dehydrated. Seven years-worth of my brunette locks were clumped together in my tummy and the hairball was growing by the day--it was killing me. It was 30cm long and weighed a stone (13.9 pounds), a huge mass of my hair clumped together with bile. I'm just so thankful the hairball was found before it was too late."

After having the hairball removed, Ms. Cox’s health has then improved significantly and she warns others to seek medical help when losing weight too quickly in case, like her, there is an underlying medical condition.

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