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Rapid Weight Loss in 2 Weeks Diet Created by Dr. Oz

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Rapid Weight Loss Diet Week with Dr. oz

On a recent episode of The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz reveals his new rapid weight loss plan that when tested on a large group of Oz viewers resulted in an average weight loss 9.3 pounds per person in just two weeks. According to Dr. Oz, if you stick to this plan for two weeks, it will change everything.


“Not only will the pounds melt off fast as you’ve just heard from some of the audience, but you will see a drastic decrease in disease. Everything from less type 2 diabetes, less symptoms of food sensitivity, and chronic pain begins to dissipate. It’s called my “2 Week Rapid Weight Loss Diet,” says Dr. Oz who states that he developed this plan by spending the past year researching the top diets and their plans with the latest weight loss science.

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“The common denominator in these diets and the everyday foods that you are eating is that they are making you sick and fat,” says Dr. Oz who adds that he believes that it’s not a matter of a lack of willpower, but that it’s more about how these foods are tricking your body into gaining weight.

As a result, Dr. Oz gleaned the best advice from the top diets and put together his own 2 week rapid weight loss diet that is summarized as follows:

Rapid Weight Loss Diet Step #1: Eliminate the Foods that are Making You Sick and Fat

Eliminated Food #1: Wheat― “This is admittedly the hardest part—I am asking you to eliminate wheat,” says Dr. Oz who explains that it’s not just about losing weight from your body, but what is going on in your brain as well. According to Dr. Oz, he believes that there are many more people with a gluten sensitivity problem than previously believed, and that what happens is that the gluten found in wheat, sugars, and other sources of carbohydrates are causing an inflammation that is tricking the brain into craving to eat even more food.

Eliminated Food #2: Artificial Sweeteners― “I want you to eliminate all artificial sweeteners. To be clear, this is all the diet sodas you guys are relying on, and the blue, pink and yellow packets that folks are grabbing off the table,” says Dr. Oz referring to the artificial sweeteners used for adding to coffee and tea when at a restaurant or at home. According to Dr. Oz, research shows that using artificial sweeteners adds 70% more to your waist size.

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Eliminated Food #3: Refined Sugar and Alcohol―However, eliminating artificial sweeteners also includes eliminating refined table sugar as well those sugars found in alcohol. Although this is the hardest part for many people to stick to, Dr. Oz assures viewers that the craving is only temporary.

“The first day or two after you get past the addictive part of the food you are eating, it [the sugar craving] sort of eases up. I hear this from a lot of women―after a few days it becomes easier to do the right thing, which is how thin people stay thin,” says Dr. Oz.

Eliminated Food #4: Coffee― "Here’s why it’s important to eliminate coffee from this program―most of you don’t drink coffee black, so you add sugar and cream to it, which are empty calories and empty fat. Also, coffee ends up being a trigger for a lot of you. It’s a trigger that makes you eat a lot of the foods that comes along with it like the donut in the morning or the pastry. The other thing is that you drink a lot of coffee and it elevates your cortisol, which gives you a false sense of energy,” says Dr. Oz who explains further that this in turn messes with your hormones that in turn results in increased eating and weight gain.

Eliminated Food #5: Dairy―“Dairy is the root of a lot of food allergies that causes inflammation in your body,” says Dr. Oz who tells viewers that the exception to this is that they are allowed to have Greek yogurt.

Rapid Weight Loss Diet Step #2: Add Unlimited Quantities of Low Glycemic Food to Burn Fat Fast

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Added Food #1: Hot water with lemon― “Start each day with hot water with lemon. This drink is going to kick start your digestive process for the day. Ancient cultures have believed that lemon aids weight loss by cleansing the liver,” says Dr. Oz.

Added Food #2: Breakfast Smoothie― “You have to have breakfast—right? I want you to have a breakfast smoothie packed with protein to keep you full for hours,” says Dr. Oz who adds that this following recipe mixed in a blender makes a quick and easy smoothie that contains antioxidants that will cleanse you of toxins and boost your immunity:

• 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk
• ½ cup of frozen berries
• ½ banana
• 2 tablespoons of rice protein powder
• 2 tablespoons of flaxseed powder

Added Food #3: Any of the following whenever you want throughout the day

• Greek yogurt—the calcium in it will help melt fat
• 6 ounces of protein consisting of turkey, chicken or fish—to help keep you full
• ½ cup of brown rice—filled with fiber to also help you stay satiated longer
• Organic green tea—to replace the coffee and add fat-burning catechins compounds
• Olive oil and avocado—contains healthy types of fats that your body needs
• Snacks consisting of hummus, nuts and/or pickles—a couple of handfuls a day

“You can have any of these once a day, whenever you feel like it,” says Dr. Oz.

However, this does not mean this is all you get to eat per day. Dr. Oz’s addition to these foods is that you are allowed to eat as much in low glycemic index vegetables as you want to supplement the aforementioned foods. In addition, this includes eating vegetable broth or making a vegetable soup.

“You can eat as much of this stuff as you want and it will not push you off the plan,” promises Dr. Oz.

Rapid Weight Loss Diet Step #3: Take Probiotics and Nutrients

“The final step is adding probiotics and nutrients to speed up the weight loss. A probiotic is valuable because it encourages the good bacteria in your intestines. You will also want to have a multivitamin just in case, because a lot of you were going from a program where you weren’t eating the right things,” says Dr. Oz.

After 2 weeks: Unlimited protein

According to Dr. Oz, after the two weeks are up while following his plan, you are allowed to eat as much protein as you want including nuts. And, if you need something sweet to satisfy your sweet tooth, stick to eating berries. Dr. Oz tells viewers that this is a life style plan and that if you go back to overeating carbs or those other foods that trick the body, that you will gain the lost weight back.

To help viewers easily keep track of what they can have and not have while on Dr. Oz’s “2 Week Rapid Weight Loss Diet,” Dr. Oz provides a printable diet guide to help you stay on track toward successful weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

Reference and image: The Dr. Oz Show



have these pills been recommended by dr. oz?
I have finished the two week diet. I lost 6.4 pounds and stuck with the diet so am a little disappointed that it was not a few more pounds. I would like to know what the diet plan is for maintenance is. Can anyone help? Thanks
First, congratulations on your succuessful weight loss! Do not be discouraged because it was not as much as you would like or expected--everyone will differ in how much or how little is lost. So, you should feel encouraged. From what I understand, maintaining the weight loss and continuing the trend requires that you continue with the allowed foods and stay away from the eliminated foods, but from now on you can have protein to maintain feeling satiated and to allow muscle buildup with exercise. Once you add exercise to this program and build some muscle (which as you know will lead to more calories burned with an increased metabolism) I believe that you will then see even greater results. Good luck and good job! You are a success!
I really wanted to try this diet,but I don't eat banana which goes into the smoothie.
Deborah, as everyone always says to me, good going, great, better to lose than to gain. I used to be somewhat upset when I would only lose one or two pounds when everyone else was losing double that. Finally I have accepted my loses as baby steps, patted myself on the back and keep moving forward. What we have accomplished on this diet is bigger than weight loss, it is a detoxification of harmful things that keep us from reaching our goals! You are the biggest winner of all if you made it through two weeks, it has not been easy for my husband and myself to put it mildly. I am so pleased with us that I am writing to you which I have never done to anyone. Dr. Oz recommends introducing more protein, nuts, and berries into your new way of eating. Remember your portion sizes should be the palm of your hand for protein, half your dish or more for low gl. vegs. If you do introduce grains back into your diet, remember only whole grains, brown rice, etc. Remember everything in moderation. There is nothing wrong with following Dr. Ozs' plan for life just add and modify according to what you like. And don't forget to have a piece of birthday cake on your birthday or a wonderful dinner or two on vacation. The best to you in everything you do.
After the 2 weeks can coffee and eggs be added?
Hi, I would think so as long as sugar in your coffee is kept at the bare minimum at which you can still enjoy a cup, but no added chocolate or whip cream. And no pastries with the coffee. Eggs--so much contoversy over eggs, but most agree that in moderation eggs are good--two a week is the last recommendation I saw. Good luck on your weight loss!
Hi Tim, I agree with your logic on introducing coffee and eggs in moderation...GOOD ADVICE
Thank you : ^ )
I felt so awful on this diet that after 5 days I had to stop. Every time I ate the yogurt my mouth would fill up with phlegm and for an hour I kept coughing up this phlegm. About 75% of the population is lactose intolerant so why does Dr. Oz want us to eat this food. I went to have a test and now they tell me not to do the yogurt. I tried the lactose pills but they don't help. This is a good food for calves but not humans which is why so many have problems digesting it. I still blindly followed Dr. Oz's advice. One day someone will sue him for his promoting all the things he does that will some day hurt someone. Take EVERYTHING he says with a grain of salt. He contradicts himself every show but we are the experiments he tries things out on. I fall for his smooth talking every time and yet I keep trying whatever his flavor promotion of the day is cause I want so much to believe him.The smoothie was good but left me so tired and staved about an hour later. The green tea gave me such a severe headache. Never drank it before nor coffee. This is a starvation diet so sure you will lose weight and feel awful doing it. Did anyone else have a failure on this diet?
I had a lot of issues as well....muscle pain, constipation, contant headaches for three days now....do not know whether to stick to it or quit. You are the first person to post anything negative that I could find. I asked on Dr. Oz's web site...but no one responded. I have no food allergies and thought this would be a breeze...I feel so ill that I am asking why I am doing this.
Hi Linda, I also had pain and headaches. Don't worry, I believe your body is detoxing from sugar and other impurities in your system. I also feel exhausted. Don't give up, our poor abused bodies will thank us with a lifetime of good health.
Hi Linda. I did not feel the greatest for the first three days. I was going to throw in the towel but decided I was stronger than that. So glad I did stay with it. I have 3 days to go on the diet. I have lost 5.5 lbs. Although this may not sound like a lot of weight my clothes fit me so much better in the waist. I also feel great. I added kidney beans to my soup and vegetables which helped fill me up during the day. I know you posted several days ago but I hope you were able to get past the three days and have had success.
This exact thing has happened to me. This is my third day, and I am debating whether to stick to it or quit. I have had a headache the whole time...it is getting worse. Fatigue and constipation...so tired. Did you stick to it? Did it get better as the days passed?
I stuck to it and now have lost 40 lbs in 4 months. I'm not as strict as I was, I do add in more fresh fruit, I also eat as much unprocessed food as I can. Once your sugar-carb cravings disappear, you'll feel much better. I no longer have stomach cramps or GERD. Good luck!
Hi Linda, the list is a guide line not a eat this then this kind of thing. You need to be creative a little bit here. I went on pinterest and found some very good recipes for following this diet plan. Its mostly a vegan/ Akins diet. but with some meal prep it is should turn out to be a good choice. For example tonight i made a chickpea and cauliflower mexican bowl. I just used taco seasoning. Because i used a little amount of oil and all veggies i could eat as much as i wanted till i was full. Then you know that greek yogart he says you can eat well i used it for sour cream. I also made a very good cilantro ranch dressing with it and almond milk. Just be creative you will succeed!
Jenny, so sorry your having such a tough time with this diet. My advice to you is to never blindly follow any human beings' advice. Always check with your own doctor first. As for eating and drinking foods you have never tried, now you know green tea does not agree with you. Dr. Oz suggested that to all of us as a way to reap the benefits of green tea and replace coffee and to drink something hot. He did not say you must have green tea. Follow your own common sense and take everything everyone says "with a grain of salt". Better luck with a more balanced diet for you.
I had terrible results too! I workout 5 days a week doing cardio and toning, lost 80 lbs over the last 7 yrs and wanted to lose a few more. Stuck to this diet for 2 weeks, no cheating and lost 1 lb! I was starving, I wonder if my body was holding on to my fat lol. So disappointed.
75%, where ever you got that information your grain of salt needs to come in. That is no where a real number. I am sorry you had a hard time with this. No diet is one size fits all. If a plan has things that don, t agree with yoh, move on. Go to one that does not contain items that bother your system. The plan is a very good one for those who can do it. But it is up to each individual to make good choices. If you are vegan or allergic obviously this is just not the right one for you.
This is thebest thing I have ever done. I did lose the 10 pounds and feel wonderful. I have lots more energy and am more clear headed. My joint pain has decreased immensely. I felt my midriff and tummy shrink daily. Those feelings kept me onboard with the diet even though I really did not like the vegetable broth. I love that it worked and without excercise as my job is exhausting with so much mental and emotional stress. I plan to add excercise and keep a lot of these good habits. Thank you Dr. Oz!
Good for you Cindy! It's the GOOD HABITS that shine out in your comment.
I too love this plan! I came across this diet a few days ago while searching the net and I absolutely love it. I didnt have all the ingredients to start off with, so I just worked with what I had at home. I start off my day with warm water and 1/2 squeezed lime in it, I drank an 8 oz cup of prune juice instead of the smoothie (for now) for snacks in between lunch and dinner I chose to eat pickles and almonds or cashews. Then for dinner I have unlimited salad with balsamic dressing with 6 oz chicken and serrano chilies. Yesterday I made Caldo de Pollo with eggplant I added spinach and Serrano Chile it was absolutely delicious. The pounds are melting off and I feel great. I feel like I can be creative with my food as long as I stick to the list. Tip: drink 8 oz warm water with 1/2 lime squeezed in it. It is a natural healthy fast acting laxative. Everyone is different just find the right combinations that agree with your body. Best of luck on your endeavor.
Am I seeing that no fruit, including berries, is allowed in the two weeks (aside from the banana in the smoothie)? Thanks! Eliminating dairy is going to be the hardest, as I am a cheese nut.
You are allowed 1/2 cup of berries with the banana in the smoothie
Hi Wendy, Yes---- Blueberries are allowed (1/2 cup) in the smoothie. I would think you could eat them separately instead of in the smoothie. This 2 week plan is to get people over their cravings sugar, carbs etc. Sugar is one of them but after the 2 wks you can start to add things in slowly. Keep the faith! coffee was one of my hard things! carolw
Carole, great comment, the cravings are the hardest to get over, but, well worth the two weeks of sacrifice.
what nuts can you have on this diet also do you eat the sour greek yogurt by it self and do you make your own hummus and how much can you have
If you look up the top 10 best bits you'll find, Walnuts, Pecans, Hazelnuts, Cashews, pistachios, etc. I LOVE Cashews and I would put them in my Greek Yogurt and eat it together!
On the 2 week plan can you us pepper on your food? Also, I can't find the vanilla yogurt, we get plain, yuck.
Ed, try adding Vanilla or any other food extract.. it tastes just as good as pre-flavored!