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Prevent Ulcers with this Dr. Oz Recommended Milk

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Dr. OzRecommended Milk to Prevent Ulcers

Do you have stomach pain that comes and goes throughout the week? According to Dr. Oz, that stomach pain may be more than just a little indigestion following a heavy meal. In fact, it could be a warning sign of an impending medical condition that is literally eating you from the inside out.

“Forty percent of you complain of stomach pain regularly, but how do you know if it’s an ulcer,” asks Dr. Oz as he discusses the dangers of ulcers and how you can either prevent or treat existing ulcers with a little-known special type of milk sold in grocery stores.

According to Dr. Oz, the common belief that stress causes ulcers is not true. Rather, science is telling us that ulcers are actually caused by a special type of bacteria called H. pylori. H. pylori are a pickle-shaped organism with multiple small flagella on one end that act as legs that thrashes about helping H. pylori swim around in the gut and esophagus.

While the human gut is home to many types of bacteria that are good for the body by aiding digestion and getting nutrients into our body, H. pylori are a noxious bug that eats away at the protective mucous that lines the stomach protecting it from its own stomach acid. The problem with this is that once the protective mucous is removed from the lining of your stomach, the stomach acid can then begin to eat and burn its way through the stomach wall that separates the stomach content from the body’s other internal organs such as the liver, pancreas and spleen.

“You basically basting everything inside your body with acid,” says Dr. Oz explaining that once an ulcer has perforated all the way through the stomach, food contents and stomach acid leak into the abdominal cavity where it can cause more harm and serious infection and inflammation. One example is celebrity Kristen Johnston who almost died from an exploding ulcer.

The connection stress has with ulcers is that it increases the amount of stomach acid released and therefore adds to the burning through of the stomach when the H. Pylori removes the protective mucous.

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To prevent or treat an existing ulcer, Dr. Oz recommends drinking Kefir milk that is sold in grocery stores.

Kefir milk is a cultured milk beverage that is made by fermenting kefir grains and a mixture of yeasts and bacteria in milk, which results in a type of liquid yogurt. It has a rich, tangy flavor that can vary depending on the type of animal milk used such as goat or camel. Milk from cow is the type of Kefir milk typically sold in the U.S. and it can be made more palatable by adding a little sweetener or cocoa powder

The benefit of Kefir milk is that like other probiotics advertised for treating ulcers, it cleanses the gut and intestines, replacing bad bacteria like H. pylori with beneficial bacteria and yeast, vitamins and minerals that are important for good digestive health.

“It has good bacteria in it than helps keep your gut in balance,” says Dr. Oz adding that it is also good for people who are lactose intolerant because it contains the enzymes needed to digest milk properly in your digestive tract.

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Dr Oz and other doctors make you believe that it is the bacteria called H Pylori that causes ulcer, well I still believe that stress is also one of the cause of ulcer. When I have my endoscopy last year in July it show'ed that I have duodenal ulcer and my doctor test me for H Pylori and didn't have it, he told me that he doesn't know why I have ulcer, so I asked him if stress can cause ulcer because I was very stress at that time and he said yes. Doctors just want to push those antibiotics to their patients which will cause you another health problems they are so quick on giving their patients prescription, well, I am treating my duodenal ulcer naturally with Manuka honey, and banana, I use UMF 16+ manuka honey and I am felling much better.
How much kefir milk do i drink per day with ulcers?
Anna, drink it just like you would drink milk or other liquids - 1 to 4 cups a day. It is a bit acidic, so start with just 1/2 to 1 cup and go from there. Thanks for your question!
Can cow milk kefir taken by ulcer patient