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Prevent Smelly Clothes Odor in the Gym with this Advice from Dr. Oz

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Dr. Oz advice on smelling better in the gym

Is sweaty clothes odor a problem for you in the fitness center while trying to work up a sweat to lose some weight? Here’s some poignant advice from Dr. Oz The Good Life on how to become less pungent the next time you go for a workout.


According to the June issue of Dr. Oz The Good Life in the “Ask Dr. Oz Anything” advice column, wool is the workout clothing fabric you should choose this summer for both keeping cool and preventing that sweaty gym clothes smell.

Keep Cool with Wool

While wool is generally thought of as a cold winter wear fabric, the truth is it is also ideal for warmer temperatures and for working out when you wear wool garments that are made of super-thin weaves of merino. In fact, hikers typically find that thin merino socks are actually great for hiking as the material breathes, wicks moisture away and prevents the chaffing that can come from synthetic fiber clothing.

Keep Fresh Smelling with Wool

And better yet, wool has anti-smell properties so that you don’t have to worry about having to change your exercise clothing every time after a workout—just leave it in the car for your next session in the gym after work. Smelly Feet? Here are 5 Ways to Prevent Foot Odor.

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According to “Ask Dr. Oz Anything”:

“You can wear the same item a few days in a row without a reek,” says Stephen Regenold, editor of the outdoor product review company Gear Junkie.com—who wore the same wool shirt in Patagonia every day for a week straight.

The downside to wool workout clothing is that it costs twice as much as regular workout clothing. However, wool lasts longer and feels great on the skin.

Recommended Wool Workout Gear Examples

• Ibex Shadow Stripe Dolman ($110 at ibex.com)
• Smartwool PhD Printed Capri ($100 at smartwool.com
• Icebreaker Sprite Racerback Bra ($60 at icebreaker.com)
• Ibex Hailey Tank Mosaic Print ($65 at ibex.com)

For more about the usefulness of wool, here is some wool sock-related advice on how to fix your dry cracked feet. And, if you are trying to fight body odor using commercial hygiene products, here is an informative article on 17 beauty products you should avoid.

Reference: Dr. Oz The Good Life “Wool Workout Gear for Summer” June 2016