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Prevent Eye Wrinkles with This Ayurvedic Technique

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Ayurvedic technique for eye wrinkles

Ayurvedic Medicine is increasingly becoming more widely accepted not just for cleansing and healing the body from within and successful weight loss, but for cosmetic reasons on the outside of the body as well. As one example, here is an old Ayurvedic technique that not only is good for the eyes, but may prevent eye wrinkles as well.

In the September issue of Women’s Health, writer Caitlin Kiernan tells readers that some of the hottest new treatments for health and beauty are not new, but are actually Ayurvedic practices that date back more than 3,000 years. One example she provides is that of eye palming.

Whether you may have realized it or not, many of us at one time or another have found ourselves reacting naturally to stress and fatigue with the simple act of cupping our hands over our eyes in a manner referred to as “eye palming.” In fact, this natural response may be described as a happy accident.

As it turns out, over 80 years ago an ophthalmologist named William H. Bates recommended using relaxation and other natural means for treatment of nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and other vision problems. One technique he came up with―referred to as “The Bates Method”―was that of cupping your hands over your eyes, which he believed would help improve a person’s vision

The basis of how eye palming works is that it helps rest the optic nerve and relieves tension in the muscles around the orbital bones, which in turn may help relax the muscles involved in shaping the eyeballs. From treating thousands of patients, Dr. Bates concluded that tight muscles around the orbital region and the eyeballs actually contort the eyes and restricts blood circulation to them. Palming those muscles then, could relax them and improve circulation and eyesight.

Today, this may be especially poignant as Ms. Kiernan points out that with so much of our time and energy devoted to tablets, smartphones, TV and computers that it is no wonder that vision problems are on the rise and thereby could benefit from eye palming on a daily basis.

In addition, a side benefit of eye palming could include preventing eye wrinkles too. She quotes optometrist Mark Jacquot, O.D.―the LensCrafters senior director of eye care in Cincinnati―as stating, “Relieving eyestrain relaxes those muscles around the eyes that can cause fine lines and wrinkles.”

Ayurvedic Eye Palming Instructions

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Here is one version of Ayurvedic eye palming that you can try in your spare time or during a mini-breaks while at work:

1. Rest your elbows comfortably on a table or desk.

2. Get situated by covering your eyes with your cupped palms and add a pillow or rolled up towel under your elbows if more height is needed to keep your back relaxed and straight.

3. Take your hands away from your face and rub them briskly together to generate heat from the friction.

4. Close your eyes and press the heel of each warmed palm on the corresponding cheekbone with your fingers over the eyelids. Do not press against your eyeballs. According to Dr. Bates, blocking all light from entering between the fingers is important for optimal relaxation.

5. While your eyes are palmed, breathe deeply and slowly allowing your body and mind to relax, and hold this position for a few minutes. Some practitioners point out that that not only will your vision be sharper after a period of doing this, but that it also is a great way to get rid of a headache.

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Reference: Women’s Health September, 2014 issue